Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why did Jack Layton fall for Stephen Harper’s tax leakage lie?

Part 1

Part 2:

Part 3

Part 4


Dr Mike said...

These were excellent---a great idea--I loved the ending of the last video.

Eventually , we need some videos from some ordinary Canadians that were affected to put some faces to this thing & bring the people on the street into the discussion--if we can`t find anyone to actually do the videos we could use some stories & faces.

This thing affected regular folks the most & it has been them that Flaherty , Carney & Harper have left in the dust---they used these people to get their votes then dumped them like last weeks trash.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...


Viewing the video you are very funny. In a black humor .You have a bit of a deniro in you. A real pisano. I like the black humor I love it. I can't list which parts but when you comment about NDP Luisha lise, I can't spell her name, the finance critic and her background was great.

The lib's are really a piss party so far


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Anonymous said...

Very well done Brent.
Knowing how aggressive you are, the tone is just fine. ;-)

Please send to you MP as soon as possible and once a month until they reply to you. They have time now that our Parliament is just like Duvalier's presidential palace.

I agree that for general public it may be a bit too long. I can't imagine my mother-in-law taking time to listen all 4 parts.
I did and enjoyed every second. What you say is the truth and only the truth.

Being in your shoes, I would make a short version with numbers adapted to individuals Canadians about what it costs them now, what it will cost in the future and telling them that what is good for big pension funds, private equity and foreighners isn't good for you and me.

Not good for my family and friends but powerful entities, private funds or outside the country investors can enjoy what I have lost as an option.

A complete lie, fraud, a pure demonstration that we, Canadian citizens, we simply don't count. Suffer the bad/ill effects and shut up.

Thank you very much Brent for your devoted work. I REALLY appreciate your energy, convictions and hard work. You are an inspiration and I will continue to work the Bloc hoping that an opening will show before January 2011.


Anonymous said...

I agree it,s a nice job.

It,a nice job because it wasn,t scripted or just reading from a piece of paper.

That,s what impresses me the most about Brent and that,s his ability to wing it without reading from a script. A person who is an expert in any field whether its teaching sports, or anything for that matter has the ability to fully understand whatever it is and make it straght forward and simple to his students. This is a complicated situation and because of this if a person takes the time to listens to these You Tubes the mystery of the fraud Harper created is made simple.

Thank you Brent.

In my group of friends we are very simple and listening to this simply makes it easy to understand.


Anonymous said...


Part 4 - 2.00min. - 2.50 mins

is excellent,

"kahoots and we will not blame you" the poor souls that they are.

This is excellent.


Anonymous said...

Dear Brent

I have now watched all 4 You Tube presentations. Your information is spectacularly important!

All Canadians should be aware of the implications of the idiocy. Too often it has been portrayed by Harper et al as the whining of the wealthy enough Canadian pensioners as a "blip" in the millions they are sitting on.

Having had media training in the past, I would suggest that it would be stronger if it were less of a "conversation" to Jack Layton and the NDP (although that is an important piece of the information) and more a challenge to Harper and his minions who need to find at least $7 billion to partially address the structural deficit they now face after doling out infrastructure money to the party faithful.

Is there any way you could get another person to pose questions to you and your answers could be more concise and hard hitting?

Since I was from Alberta until last month and have been active in
Alberta politics for many years, I would be delighted to forward your
presentations to them for their information. (One of the reasons I left Alberta is the idiocy that the Stelmach government is
perpetuating on the long suffering Alberta public.) Not that BC is
all glory and roses either but at least it does not get to - 40 in

Thank you for your efforts on this front. People need to be told the
truth and until I watched your presentations, I was unaware of the real tax leakage to the big pension funds and foreign interests which is even more maddening than the tax itself in that as Harper et al continue to sell Canada to whomever, we lose all opportunity as a country to continue growing "home grown" business and industry.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your tireless efforts to keep this issue alive Brent. I, along with thousands of others, appreciate all the work you have done and continue to do.


Anonymous said...

Like it... a lot!

Calmly providing all the details in all their splendid harpocritical glory... very good.


Anonymous said...


This is great and brave of you to do this, this is what we required for this issue!


Anonymous said...