Friday, August 29, 2008

CAITI Focus Group

Please provide your feedback on the above billboard that we are preparing for the upcoming election.....assuming Harper decides to break yet another promise, in this case his faux fixed election promise.

Do you think Harper looks better in red or blue... or doesn't it matter?


Joseph said...

Like the red actually. Mean Steve connotations ;), can practically see the steam.

Is there a way to highlight the background list of issues more? It seems like folks might notice the question, but while driving could miss the (literally) underlying message?

First impression is the "personal well-being" part. It just doesn't seem strong enough and could play to the "strong leader" thing.

What if you just said "Can you really trust Steven Harper with your life savings and personal well-being?"

Not too offend singles, but what about ". . . your family's well-being?"

Tricia said...

Sorry but I think blue - he has gone out of his way to replace Liberal red on every possible news op. I'd hate people to link with the Liberals on this billboard! Also I would go with a heading:
Income Trusts.
Would you trust Stephen Harper and his broken promises with your life savings

Dr Mike said...

Either colour is fine.

The background does need to stand out better because without viewing that , this could appear to be an add FOR Harper & we don`t want any confusion.

The politically unaware are easily confused & it is their votes we are after.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Anonymous said...

I agree with tricia -- everything Harper is blue, might as well sink his colour too.

I also agree with joseph that the background is difficult to make out and clutters the nice white type a bit. Might have to shift them wrt each other.

"personal well-being" - is that meant to make a subtle link to cutting food inspections? Still, family's well-being, would serve as well, and like the ominous sound of it. I mean, who would trust their family's well-being to this guy?

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the billboard is effective. It is too indirect and doesn't really convey our message. I would prefer something like " In the last election Stephen Harper broke his promise to seniors not to tax income trusts. Which promise he now makes will he break.

Lizt. said...

I think the blue with bright red connotations. Don't use red and white......the country's colours. Personally, I think Harper is losing his grip on reality.

Robin said...

First, as one can't read the background writing I would suggest that all this billboard needs is the list frojm the background be moved UP FRONT and forget the other text. Next to the list of bad things, Stevie's pic with the same words in a bubble. I would add the word me in Stevie's comment bubble if that's possible.

As to the colour, if foreground text is replaced by the background text then I would surely change the red to Con Blue.

I don't feel it is necessary to make any comment at all, the list of bad things these Cons are doing says it all.

Polyian said...

I think a more direct negative statement would work better.
Something like:
We can't trust Harper to ensure our food is safe
We can't trust Harper with our savings
We can't trust Harper to keep his word
We just can't trust Harper

You want to reinforce the idea that Harper cannot be trusted, not question if he an be trusted. Subtle difference but it's what sticks to him that counts. He uses that strategy against Dion all the time.

Joseph said...

I like Robin's suggestion. If the words are clear enough on the list, then his quote with "me" added is ominous enough - very Orwellian.

Something about making people connect his words with the list is appealing as well. Wow! The concept of helping voters think about the issues.
That could become a trend - I hope ;)

Anonymous said...

Background colour should be yellow, the most disgusting shade you can find, for Harper the cowardly lyin'.

And give him the Pinnochio nose. He has tried very hard to earn it and really deserves it.



Northern PoV said...

Make the background list more readable and don't use liberal red

This just cries out for a video

1) Harpers' solemn pledge on ITs vs
Flarety's announcement
2) Clement self-serving "the system worked" vs scenes of coffins of the poisoned meat victims
3) Harper's "financial considerations" vs a shot of Cadman standing to vote with the Liberals


even if the budget is not there to show it often - the news media and you-tube will be enough

Brad said...

Wouldn't the colour of a certain non-flying avian, who tends to run around like their head's cut off, be better? Also, it tends to match the colour of Oily the Spot.

Robert Gibbs said...


Of course, no one professes to be a marketing whiz, but I'd tend to agree with the following suggestions put forward:

1) As polyian said, a more direct negative statement.
2) As EhBC said, a Pinocchio nose.
3) As most others said, a blue (rather than red) colour scheme, but perhaps with dripping red blood.
4) And perhaps include a diagonal, jagged or torn edge graphic, indicating broken/torn up promises.

At any rate, many thanks again, and regards,

Robert Gibbs

Randy said...

I'm with Robin's suggestions.