Monday, August 18, 2008

Dan Leger’s social science lesson for the day

Four of the 11 comments on Dan Leger’s column of today:

MLR wrote:

I agree with everything HRM posted and "weathered storms over the Atlantic accord fiasco and the decision to tax income trusts, to name but two of their battles" Don't be so sure Dan! Income Trust investors haven't all died off. We are just waiting for our opportunity to vote Harper and his henchmen out of office! The sooner the better. Look what they did to Ontario if you folks want to know where this country is headed!

Closely Watching wrote:

Harper has NOT weathered his Income Trust betrayal. We seniors that were lured into believing Harper's promise of 'safe harbour' for our retirement savings have not forgotten and will not forget. Many seniors who were not conservative voted for the Conservative party based on Harper's promise to not change the taxes on Income Trusts. He achieved his minority by leveraging this issue with seniors. He has not improved in the polls because he betrayed us, pure and simple. You, like Harper, underestimate the numbers and power of the seniors who have been hurt by this betrayal. You can't make a tax hit of this magnitude that takes away seniors hard earned saving and expect them to just 'get over it' or 'forget about it'. This is personal for hundreds of thousands of us and we won't rest until Harper is gone. You, however, are correct about one's time for an election.

brauman50 wrote:

Anyone that would cheat his countries Seniors out of C25 Billion with a lie should be removed from office. Don't forget the Halloween Masacre. It's payback time. Call for a new election and return the money to the Seniors. Dion, Do what is right for the people.

sailortwo wrote:

"Weathered the storm on income trusts?" Don't believe it! Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of investors, many seniors such as myself, are waiting for a chance to vote the would be dictator Harper and his gang out of office. The media feels the income trust outcry has subsided, mainly because they refuse to study the subject and publish letters from outraged investors. But check out the Internet, this is where you'll find the truth.

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Dr Mike said...

It appears that I am supposed to have "gotten over it" since the Tories have "weathered the income trust storm".

So why am I more pissed-off than I was in Nov 2006.

Why is it that I am going to vote Liberal for the first time in my life.

Maybe Dan should have checked his weather radar a tad closer.

We are comin for you Tories---we are a comin.

Dr Mike Popovich.