Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jim Flaherty's Communications Director attempts to discredit CAITI's President

You may have received an email today from Dan Miles entitled "URGENT Help Brent". If not, see below.

Please be advised that I have no association with Dan Miles whatsoever, despite his attempts to portray himself as an agent of mine.

Dan Miles for those who probably don't know is Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's Director of Communications and a very effective spokesperson........for our cause.

That's because every time he offers up new "facts" or "explanations" for past or present activities, the government's lies and orchestrated cover-up become ever more apparent.

The truth means nothing to Dan Miles. He probably doesn't even know what the truth is. Let me provide two examples. One facile. One anything but.

Facile example:

Yesterday Dan Miles lamented on the fact that I must be working from "a small dark basement". I informed him that I was actually working from my cottage overlooking beautiful Lake Muskoka. Furthermore, my cottage doesn't even have a basement that is habitable. And yet in today's email we have Dan Miles proceeding with his false claim about my desperate circumstances and working from my basement. He liked that version of "reality" better, so he ran with it. But then apparently, that's his job: professional promulgator of falsehoods.

However this issue has nothing whatsoever to do with me and everything to do with tax-paying Canadians and the proper functioning of a democracy, which leads me to the less facile point

Less facile example:

Let me describe the income trust matter to you on a FACTUAL basis.

Harper made a promise. Harper broke that promise. Happens all the time with politicians, with two exceptions however:

(1) People lost $35 billion AND lost an essential savings vehicle.

$90 billion in related takeovers have ensued that have caused real tax leakage amounting to $2 billon a year. Meanwhile pension funds can exempt themselves from this tax, even though only 25% of Canadians belong to such pensions.

(2) The PREMISE for the broken promise is completely false. This is the lie part of Lie Conceal Fabricate.

Unlike global warming, tax leakage is a readily discernable and non-debatable construct. By its very nature, it is an absolute. In Flaherty's case however, it is an absolute lie.

Flaherty and his intellectually corrupt minions like Mark Carney (or is he the actual boss?) then go about fudging the tax revenue analysis and fudging the methodology to "cook up" some bogus argument for tax leakage by leaving out 38% of the taxes paid by the income trusts held in RRSPs.

Correct.....a mere 38%.

On that basis, Flaherty would never have passed his bar exams if the Bar Admissions had arbitrarily left out 38% of his marks. Perhaps we would all be better off if that had been that case, but that's not the point. The point is the government is lying to us. Dan Miles is responsible for promoting those lies of his boss. Income trusts do not cause tax leakage. The Government's fraudulent analysis causes tax leakage.

That's why Flaherty's Keystone Cops in the Department of Finance demanded that the 18 pages of blacked out documents issued under the ACCESS TO INFORMATION ACT be returned. RETURNED?. See attached letter.

How desperate and self incriminating is that? The only thing I can think of that is more desperate and self-incriminating than that, is Dan Miles' email to you of this morning.

Thanks Dan. Keep up the good work. We would be nowhere if it weren't for you. You must live by the Department of Finance credo enunciated by Brian Ernewein at the Public Hearings:

"If we were incompetent, we wouldn't admit to it"

Final word: No admissions necessary, since it's become abundantly self-evident at this point that Flaherty & Co. ARE incompetent

PS. Dan: I have three email lists. You are only on one of them. You missed the other two. Would you like me to forward your self incriminating plea to them as well? Would you mind if I posted it on the CAITI blog for maximum exposure?

PPS. Dan: Why the ongoing preoccupation with my occupation? You must understand that fighting to expose the corrupt Harper government is a full time job....and most rewarding.

PPPS. When is your party going to make good on that empty boast that "Flaherty would love to go a few rounds in a debate situation with those CAITI guys"? Simply name the time and place. Would my basement be a suitable venue?

On 8/16/08 7:19 AM, "" wrote:

> I am appealing to everyone on this email list, journalists, investors, MPs,
> Senators, businesspeople to find it in your heart to help Brent (Captain Spam)
> find a job.
> For the past couple of years Brent could be found in a small dark basement
> behind his computor sending endless emails. We all know Brent is far better
> than this. He has far more potential. In fact, he assures me his skill set
> goes well beyond just typing.
> Before he expends all of his intellectual capital in this way, please help
> him. Please send any job openings directly to him, I am sure he would be most
> appreciative.
> Brent is capable of so much more and you can help.
> Thanks in advance for your assistance. I am scouring the want ads this
> morning.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Miles;

For the record I find this type of personal attack (essentially the
modus operandi of the Conservatives) extremely disquieting. Forget
about the messenger - what about the message? When will Canadians
receive from you a complete and credible response of substance to Mr.
Fuller's accusations? Here is a news flash for you: Truth has nothing
to do with volume or frequency. It does not matter how loudly or how
many times we hear the same lies from you - whether on the income
trust issue, on questions of science such as climate change, or any
other issue - it will not change the facts.

I sincerely hope that you will consider the profound damage your
party's tactics have already done to our democracy and guide yourself
accordlingly in future. Facts do not originate in the minds of healthy
people. Facts come from a real world. If you cannot understand this
then I would suggest that it is you who needs to re-think their career
path and NOT Mr. Fuller.

Peter Graham, Green Party of Canada shadow cabinet critic for Finance
166 Sunderland
Pointe Claire, Qc H9R 1L9

Anonymous said...

Look who is working in HIS dark small lonely basement in Port Perry!

It fits that a vindictive baiting individual like Dan Miles would work well with Jim Flaherty.

I'm surprised the relationship between the two has ended.

And I didn't know that mud-slinging a critic of bad government was a necessarily great addition to your already questionable list of accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

Peter Graham:

Brilliant! Thanks for the support.

This Miles guy is simply drawing attention to our cause.

Just like tax leakage, everything these guys do has the diametrically opposed outcome. Stemming alleged tax leakage, results in real tax leakage. Discrediting our cause, discredits them and enhances our cause.

Oh well. The forces of nature are with us. Dumb is as dumb does. They can't be helped, but they sure can be voted out of office.

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Brent, I'm looking forward to renting/leasing your 'basement' in the sping, if only to save you from having to spend so much time in front of your "computor" (sic) in such a dismal atmosphere... Dan will be pleased, as he evidently has concern for your wellbeing... what a 'swell' guy!


Anonymous said...

On 8/16/08 9:41 AM,

"" wrote:

Just think how far Brent could go if he directed this energy to something productive.... Please help him get a job....

Anonymous said...

Please be advised that Dan Miles is not my agent or career counsellor, although as a taxpayer I am paying his salary.

I do thank Dan for acknowledging my energy.

As Dan surmises: Just imagine. With this kind of energy I could have been the Executive Managing Director and Head of Equity Capital Markets for BMO Nesbitt Burns.

But then I would probably hate working for a bank-owned dealer. That would probably have caused me to form my own firm called Catalyst Asset Management Inc. whose goal would be to correct some of the flagrant abuses so common to Bay BCE for example.

Meanwhile, my idea of a productive job is to eradicate the blight to Canada brought upon by Jim Flaherty. How am I doing so far?

Brent Fullard

Randy said...

"Jim Flaherty's Communications Director attempts to discredit CAITI's President"

Gee I thought Dan had "moved on" from that job and was himself unemployed. Judging from his juvenile email, I can see why he's "moving on." Even as incompetent as Flaherty is, I'm sure even he can see and take comfort that that there is someone more incompetent than him.

Dr Mike said...

Dandy Dan Miles -- snake oil salesman supreme.

He is the spin doctors spin doctor.

The cat`s meow for all those in need of a makeover---those whose words have left them so deep in doo doo that their boots have been subject to nasty sucking sounds.

The problem is that this was the only job he was suited to do.

Oh wait , I hear there may be an opening working for John Edwards--it appears that he is about as upstanding & believable as Jumpin Jim Flaherty.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Robert Gibbs said...

August 16, 2008

Re: E-Mail Concerning Mr. Brent Fullard

Dear Mr. Miles:

Oh Dan, you are tooooooo funny, even more so than your punctuation and English skills.

What on-line mail-order university did you order your diploma from?

Can you provide proof that you paid your customs duties when importing it into the country from "DeceiviStan"?

Do you think your time as a tax payer-funded government employee is being appropriately spent when practicing such activities?

Do you think it is appropriate, especially as a government employee, to be soliciting e-mails from other Canadians for the purposes of harassing, persecuting and ridiculing another citizen?

Is that not in contravention of the LAW?

And by disseminating Brent Fullard's personal information in this manner, aren't you again breaking the LAW?

But then again, it has become increasingly apparent that you and your Conservative government have no compunctions whatsoever about that sort of thing, eh?

Henceforth, I would suggest that you exercise a greater degree of judgment.

I provide my best regards for the future, after you leave your current employment as stenographer to one James Flaherty.

With all due "respect",

Concerned Canadian

Robert Gibbs said...


Here is Monkey Mile's rapid and snarky (but of course entirely expected) response:

I'm sure the copy to Dim Jim will be treated in the same "fully professional manner."

Maybe the copies to Libs will "arouse" some interest.


Date: August-16-08 1:31 PM

Subject: Re: E-Mail Concerning Mr. Brent Fullard

Thanks for that Robby, but we need to focus on getting our pal Brent a job.... Any leads?

Real classy from an official Government Of Canada employee.

Anonymous said...

They're really getting desperate to be sending out crap like that. Unbelievable to see this kind of thing in Canada. Did you perhaps know him in grade school? Perhaps he's longing for those careless days of moronic insults and pranks...


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Miles, I read with interest your “shot” at Brent Fullard. I was once a Conservative and I could be again if your “Tax Fairness” plan really became fair. Holding my retirement savings in RSSP’s and LIRA’s and not being in a pension plan presents a major financial issue for us. I invested in Income Trusts in the belief that your party would honor its pledge not to tax Income Trusts. You lied and all of the “spin” you put on this issue and your attacks on CAITI will not change that fact. I truly regret supporting you in the last general election. I really hoped for a more transparent government and one that would keep its word. Big mistake on my part. It would be much better for all of us if you would work on truth and honesty and helping the 2.5 million Canadians you materially hurt in your Income Trust betrayal.

D. D.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


You're right, talking to Dan Miles is like talking to a drunk.

Here was my formal kiss off to Danny Boy:

Out of Basement AutoReply:

Dan Miles.

Thank you for your email. Your message is important to me.

I am currently out wakeboarding. Although I will have occasional access to email, if you require immediate assistance or have an urgent matter please contact my Executive Assistant, Sheila Fraser at (613) 238-2109 or via email at

Remember we can not accept any trading instructions or job offers on line.

Thank you and have a pleasant day.

Brent Fullard

richard said...

NEWS FLASH!!!! Dan Miles has a new job, one that he is absolutly qualifed for. He's now working for Birks Jewelers, shoveling bird shit out of their cuck-coo clocks!

Acid Reflux ( said...

Can you not put in a Freedom of Information Act, on all of Dan's email communications.

They are obviously taking you and your work as a real threat or they wouldn't be bothering.

I'd take it as a compliment thta you are doing a job well done, and in fact forcing them to raise their maturity with this kind of stuff, because as the Saskatchewan tapes of the cons demonstrate where they go in private.

Keep posting his great and entertaining grade 8 essay work.

Anonymous said...

We should let Dan speak. Every time he does , he simply embarrasses himself even more, if that`s possible. I am surprised he even passed high school english with what I have read.

Anonymous said...

Dan Miles - you are an idiot. Brent Fullard would kick your @ss in any debate. you don't even know how to write, or communicate for that mater. You suck. and your boss sucks even more!

Cathy said...

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