Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How long before Charest realizes that McGuinty laid off 2,500 BCE workers in Quebec?

BCE recently announced the termination of 2500 of its “knowledge sector” workers.

These layoffs were mandated by BCE’s new owners led by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.

Ontario Teachers’ is nothing more than a sovereign wealth fund preying on other Canadians?

These job layoffs will mean $300 million more a year to BCE’s new owners, and 2,500 fewer jobs in Quebec

The Ontario Government is liable for the pension benefits of its 278,000 active and retired teachers.

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan manages that liability for the Ontario government. They are the middle man.

Eliminate the middle man from the equation, and it is obvious that the Province of Ontario is funding its liabilities at the expense of the Province of Quebec.

How long is it going to take for Jean Charest to realize he is being had by Dalton McGuinty? How about the Bloc Québécois?

Who is taking care of Quebec's interests?

Is any one home?

We have a collect call for Mr. Jean Charest from Mr. Dalton McGuinty. Do you accept the charges?


Johnathon said...

You should watch what you say here because Jason "cant handle the truth" Cherniak might not like you cutting up Dalton "con man" McGuinty.

I still can't believe you would sell your soul and become a leftist liberal.

Pretty shameful.

You're probably going to get banned from liblogs.ca because cherniak wants everyone to tow the liberal party line and not deviate from it one iota.

Anonymous said...

Strong suggestion - delete or filter any remarks from "Jonathon". He's a vile troll and has been removed from many blogger sites. He is really vile.

Johnathon said...

I'm very repsectful to people that are also respectful.

When I get called names steady, of course I'm going to respond. I'm no punk and no push over.

However, I still can't understand why Caiti-Online is now a liberal.

I really can't.

Robert Gibbs said...

Disappointed By Layton, Former MPP Likes `Pretty Solid' Dion

The NDP is becoming a "non sequitur" federally.

The Toronto Star

Susan Delacourt
Ottawa Bureau

Jul 12, 2008 04:30 AM (EDIT)

OTTAWA-Reid Scott, a former judge, Toronto city councillor and one of the first people in Canada to be elected under the NDP banner, is abandoning his six-decade long attachment to the party and joining the federal Liberals.

Impressed by Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion's carbon tax plan and disaffected by Jack Layton's leadership of the NDP, Scott sent a letter this week to the federal Liberals, saying he would like to take out a membership.

"He's got great integrity and courage," Scott said. "I spent 20 years on the bench and I can tell a genuine person from a phony and I think Dion is basically pretty solid."
Now, he thinks the NDP is becoming a "non sequitur" federally. He confesses he doesn't understand what Layton is doing.

"I've sort of given up on them. I think Layton is not the leader I expected ... He's no Tommy Douglas. He's sort of in bed with Harper half the time, and only interested in his own advancement."