Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Harper to outlaw condos after next election to support sagging house prices

Who in their right mind would elect a government that acts to limit one's choices?

Well, Stephen Harper is the head of such a government. For example, he believes in restricting what Canadians can do with their discretionary after tax earnings.

Income trusts were the first choice to be eliminated. He did this to support the sagging interest on the part of savvy investors in corporations like BCE who are very adept at squandering their earnings and loathe to pay dividends to their shareholders/owners.

Next on the list of choices to be eliminated will be home choices, specifically condos. Followed by vacation destinations. That's likely to mean a double whammy if you own a condo in Florida.

Harper is also contemplating a one child per family rule for anyone who votes Liberal or Green in the next election. These measures will be retroactive. Voters for the NDP or Bloc are exempted, as votes for the NDP or the Bloc are as good as a vote for the Conservatives.


Anonymous said...

Is this for real? ....Stalin all over,... a little Hitler thrown in and voila....Harper.
Do we have to live with a government Twit who is ruining our country and is losing it upstairs?

Robert Gibbs said...

And with the recent late-breaking news update, it has now been confirmed that NDP leader Jack Layton will be anxiously awaiting his lifetime supply of Snausages® for being Stevie's trained and obedient lap-dog.

"Stevie's Snausages® in a Blanket are scrumptious, bite-sized snacks that are fun to eat," said Jack.