Friday, August 15, 2008

Ex-con becomes born-again Con

Do you think there's any chance that Harper would have falsified his tax leakage analysis?

Liberals slam Harper aide's plum appointment

OTTAWA - The Liberals say a plum appointment for a controversial adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper is another example of Conservative hypocrisy when it comes to accountability.

Bruce Carson was named this week as the first executive director of the new Alberta-based Canada School of Energy and the Environment.

The institute recently got $15 million from the Tory government.

Carson, who was disbarred and jailed in the early 1980s for defrauding law clients, will split his time between the Prime Minister's office and his new post until after the next federal election.

Liberal MP Brian Murphy called the appointment "a clear conflict of interest of the worst sort."

"How can the prime minister's senior adviser possibly accept a position that's dependent on funding from the federal government, while continuing to work part time in the Prime Minister's office?

"Once again, this is a government that is willing to bend, break and ignore the rules when it's most convenient. We've seen it with the in-and-out scandal, we've seen it with Stephen Harper ignoring his own fixed election dates legislation, and now we see it with them violating the spirit of the Accountability Act".

The Canada School of Energy and Environment is a collaboration involving the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary and the University of Lethbridge.

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Robert Gibbs said...

Others have also pointed out the utter hypocrisy in having an ex-convict who defrauded clients working within Canada's institutions or Harper's federal government, while Harper continues to trumpet his so-called law and order agenda.

And Carson has spent 20 years working with Conservatives.