Saturday, August 30, 2008


By Ralph Goodale, M.P.

From its first day in office, Stephen Harper’s government has been one of questionable legitimacy.

The Conservatives made two massive, vote-buying promises in the last campaign which they quickly dishonoured. One was never to tax Income Trusts. The other was to pay Saskatchewan $800 million more every year in Equalization.

Such bare-faced dishonesty obviously undermines Conservative legitimacy.

Their position is further eroded by the serious legal questions which have been raised by the Chief Electoral Officer about a Conservative election financing scam in the last campaign.

Respected, independent election officials are investigating whether campaign spending limits were violated at the national level, while illegitimate reimbursement claims were filed locally.

On top of that, the Conservatives benefited shamelessly from the extraordinary and inexplicable involvement of the RCMP in the last campaign. Every credible independent observer says this incident in the midst of the last election had a huge and totally improper impact.

Two and a half years later, Stephen Harper now wants a snap election – in violation of his promise of a fixed election date in October of 2009.

The illegitimate Conservative behaviour continues.

What has the Harper government so panicked that they are prepared to break their word to Canadians – yet again – and even break the spirit of the fixed-election-date law which they, themselves, enacted?

They’re spooked by at least three things on the horizon, which don’t look good for Mr. Harper.

First, the Conservatives will lose all four of the federal byelections called for September.

Secondly, the national economy is getting into deeper trouble, and the responsibility will rest squarely on Mr. Harper’s shoulders.

And third, the investigations into Conservative ethical lapses are exposing more and more illustrations of apparent Conservative corruption and incompetence


Anonymous said...

Here's another reason the CONs are hot to trot for a general election: they don't want the taited meat scandal to be laid at the feet of Harper and his fellow CONnivers. Imagine, they are denying that their proposed new meat-inspection program has been implemented when in fact it has according to one federal inspector. I hope this becomes an election issue. This is one more nail in Harper's political coffin.

Paul Sirois

Anonymous said...

Harper will have many balls to juggle during this election.

If and when the opposition parties go negative they have a target rich environment and the guy with a bullseye on his forehead will be Harper.

On the other hand all we got from the CONs is a message on how strong a leader Harper is.

Strong?! Like Stalin? Like Mugabe?

I hope Harper's lies catch up with him and Canadian voters wakeup to his mismanagement.

Anonymous said...

HI all,

IS insider trading against the law?

Richard said...

Hello Ralph: When you become our next Finance Minister, I hope you call every one of those bureaucratic twits that set you and Income Trusts up for this bull shit called Tax Leakage and fire every last one of the SOB's. To the last man and woman. Everybody that was involved in the file, while you were Finance Minister and since. And then, hopefully you can take care of that a-hole who is now the Governor of The Bank of Canada.

Dr Mike said...

I voted Conservative for 37 years.

Harper promised not to tax income trusts.

I believed him.

Harper lied to me & taxed trusts.

I will vote Liberal for the first time in my life because he made a mockery of my 37 years of support.

Income trust investors have been vilified as the wrong-doers by this party.

The only thing we did wrong was believe a man who is no more Conservative than Happy Jack Layton.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Robert Gibbs said...

Harper's henchmen out to intimidate and harm Liberal supporters, Mugabe-style?

Vandals Endangering Lives

Car brake lines cut, politically motivated comments spray-painted on houses

August 30, 2008
Rob O'Flanagan


Vandals spray-painted the word "scum" in blood-red letters on the front wall of Frank Maine's Sherwood Drive home and lives were endangered when four vehicles had their brake lines cut overnight yesterday.

Maine was not the only Liberal party supporter whose property was stained with anti-Liberal graffiti, in what Guelph Police are calling "numerous cases of malicious damage and mischief incidents" throughout the city.

On top of brake lines being cut, two other vehicles had graffiti scratched into them.

At least 10 homes were attacked, including Maines' next-door neighbour and others in the northeast Guelph neighbourhood. Some homes in the city's south end where also struck.

It appears only residents with Liberal Frank Valeriote byelection signs on their lawns were victimized, and some graffiti was decidedly pro-New Democratic Party. NDP candidate Tom King angrily denounced the vandalism, and likened it to an act of hate. Valeriote called it "voter intimidation."