Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Harper: "We've lost that winning feeling".

By guest contributor: Kephalos

Let me do a brief "Current Events":

Four weeks ago, Harper called the by-elections for next week.

Two weeks ago, he called another by-election.

Dion's platform has been in the public news for two months now.

I read in the news that the nasty Dion has forced our PM into calling a general election.

But in the last week what changed?

What changed is that the Tory VoteStar has polled in the by-election ridings, and the probings found that the PCP has lost that winning feeling.

Stephen Harper is in a manic panic of reality denial.

He has the scent of a loser.


Robert Gibbs said...

Another Harper 'House Of Cards'?

During the August 11, 2008 HOC committee hearings into the Conservative "In and Out" 2006 election financing scheme, Liberato Martelli, a long-shot Tory candidate running in the Montreal Island riding of Bourassa, had more shocking, but apparently glossed over, comments about Conservative financing, as related by blogger "Liberal Arts And Minds" (or "KNB").

"Now, we've heard for an awfully long time that the Cons are just swimming in money. Martelli made a quick mention that he had phone canvassed 100 people in his riding that supposedly had paid for memberships, thereby making a contribution to the party. His findings were that only 1 of these 100 people had actually done that. He found that odd and he also found it odd that the Cons had so much money. After his experience, he connected the dots."

"I don't know if this is a House of Cards about to fall down, but I do hope that people smarter than me will look into exactly where the Conservative Party of Canada has received it's oceans of money."

"It was a quiet part of the testimony, but it should not go unrecognised."

Polyian said...

Scent of a Loser. Yes but Harper also has the Stench of an Liar.

Robert Gibbs said...

Stevie, your nose is growing so long that photographers can't fit your whole face in without a wide-angle lens.

Better call your taxpayer funded makeup artist.

Robert Gibbs said...


Stevie also contemplates his 'responsibilities' and the 'state' of his marriage, after his wife found him kissing George W's ass.

Lizt. said...

hzukwI winder what our GG thinks of her signature on Harper's Election, October 2009 promise?
I often think the Cons are getting their money from like oil companies..illegal? Nothing would surprise me, because I cannot see the Electorate giving all that money to them..there is a limit and not that many people love the cheats.