Saturday, August 23, 2008

Harper’s top ten reasons for wanting an election.....NOW:

Top ten reasons why Harper wants an election now:

(1) Harper never knew a promise that he didn’t want to break, in this case his fixed election date promise

(2) The economy is tanking

(3) Harper’s Cadman bribery scandal delay tactic can only work for so long

(4) The economy is tanking

(5) Harper’s In and Out election scandal delay tactic can only work so long

(6) The economy is tanking

(7) Harper’s Mulroney Influence Peddling Inquiry is just around the corner

(8) The economy is tanking

(9) US election doesn’t bode well for George Bush-lite candidates, like Harper

(10) The economy is tanking

Bonus reason: Harper desperately needs to unveil his new list of election promises, in order to commence reneging on them ASAP......did I mention the economy is tanking? Afghanistan is going bad? The Artic’s sovereignty? Obama is still pissed off at Harper?


Robert Gibbs said...

As Pictured:

Harper motions to RCMP officers to arrest photographer as he uncontrollably cracks first real smile while Flaherty fellates him from inside vehicle.

Photographer rendered to Afghanistan and never seen again.

Robert Gibbs said...

Steve kissed Bush ass...and he liked it
That taste of theocratic

Steve kissed Bush ass...and he liked it
Hopes his poor wife don't mind it

It felt so wrong; it felt so right
It means that Steve's in love tonight

Final Spin said...

Stephen Harper is walking in Julius Caesar’s footsteps - it’s clear to anyone reading the War Commentaries. For those who haven’t, the demonstration is here:

Dr Mike said...

Isn`t it wonderful to live in a near dictatorship--got to love it.

It is great to have a leader that has been exceedingly cunning to build in loopholes into his own laws, especially when the law itself is slightly inconvenient.

Isn`t it cool that he is attempting to blame an election call upon the opposition party leaders by backing them into a corner during private discussions that are designed only to make them look like chumps.

Harper has very few redeeming qualities , certainly qualities not worthy of the most powerful person in the land.

I for one am very disappointed in his actions--he has given me very little hope for the future.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

I think Harper’s ability to side step his fixed election date commitment, was contained in the fine the section called: Temper Tantrum Out Clause

Dr Mike said...

Time to give Harper a time-out in the "BAD" chair in the corner.

Dr Mike.