Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Now the Propaganda Ministry wants to know if "I work?"

From: Dan.Miles@fin.gc.ca
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 14:19:41
To: brent.fullard@rogers.com
Subject: Re: Children with scissors/ Tories with axes

Do you work Brent? Or is railing against everyone and everybody your full time occupation?

From: brent.fullard@rogers.com
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 18:37:41
To: Dan.Miles@fin.gc.ca
Subject: Re: Children with scissors / Tories with axes

Do I work? No I am a coupon clipping laz-about who in the past year appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada, the CRTC, and the FSCO, to the extent that's its any of your business or that your view counts for anything with me.

You see, . I was simply trying to rectify the damage caused by your mindless boss, resulting, to date in the loss of $800 million a year in tax revenue, 2500 jobs and the increase in service costs for Canada's new junk bond telco......BCE.

PS: I also did a couple loads of laundry.

PPS: Glad to see you took your own advice and "moved on".

PPPS: The letter in today's Globe entitled: ”Tories with axes”was written by Gwynne Dyer and not me. Please accuse him of railing against the Harper government's incompetence and not me, in these circumstances. I know the truth hurts.


Anonymous said...

I guess that Dan Miles just can't comprehend someone with no spin, or no mercenary agenda except to obtain truth and justice. Completely beyond the Con clique.
Are you serious Brent, you are doing this for free?! Completely blows their little minds..


Anonymous said...


Good point...I’d never thought of it that way. This is just another attempt at “move on”.

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...


Tell him to go suck a pickle



Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, Brent. You are doing a great job. Maybe the next election will kybosh the Cons and bring back the Liberals to rescue our Income Trusts, which I haven't been doing too well in lately. The sellers do not like to get 8%+ for their investments.


Anonymous said...

A question for Miles.

Does being Jim Flaherty's lying mouthpiece for the couple of years constitute honest work?

Question 2:

How far do you have to bend over to talk to Jim, or is it just easier to stay on your knees at work?


Anonymous said...

Is this crook using taxpayers paid for resources (government email account) to send private in nature inquiries to you?

Wouldn't expect anything else from Flaherty's gang...


Matt Cahill said...

I knew that you worked for CAITI, but I wonder why you are still, after a couple of years, dedicating so much time and effort, and are still so negative, insulting, and vengeful/vindictive towards Jim Flaherty, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

Surely you know that you'll catch more bees with honey than vinegar.

I'm just not sure what constantly insulting and belittling people ad nausea will accomplish here.

Acid Reflux (acidrefluxweb.com) said...

Milk and Honey does not work with the conservatives. The only thing that works is negative press, so keep it up.

While in Mexico City, during the IAS Conference, I saw first hand how paranoid of bad press Clement was with the PMOs office firing off letters to various journalists last week.

Nice does not work with these people.

Anonymous said...

Well, Matt Cahill, you see it's like this: when you're lied to, robbed then lied to again, again, and again by the very people who are still in power in Ottawa and watch them preach more lies and prance about as if all is well, it's very difficult to stay calm.

By the way, we tried using honey, now it't time for the piss and vinegar.

Paul Sirois

Robert Gibbs said...

Just a thought, but perhaps this grant to Mr. Gwynne Dyer was a “plant”, specifically dolled out so that the Harperites could point to it when axing the program later.

Harper - and his idol George W. - have used such “tactics” in the past.