Saturday, August 30, 2008

Flaherty defends Harper's breaking of the fixed election commitment

“You have to either leave it alone or unfix it,” Mr. Flaherty shrugged Wednesday. “We were going to see the largest telecommunications company in the country not pay corporate taxes, lay off another 1,500 workers bringing the total to 4,000 and continue increasing text messaging fees and other service fees, while grossly under funding its capital investment program, given the $44 billion of junk bond debt caused by my income trust blunder of a policy. That's a clear and present danger to fairness and my re-election chances. I thought we had to act....”

The above mock quote is derived from the justification that Flaherty gave on November 1, 2006 for his broken income trust promise as reported in the Globe, which read:

“You have to either leave it alone or fix it,” Mr. Flaherty shrugged Wednesday. “We were going to see the two largest telecommunications companies in the country not pay corporate taxes. That's a clear and present danger to fairness in the Canadian tax system. I thought we had to act.”

PS: Who is the smaller man in the above photo? Flaherty? Harper?


penlan said...

They're both the same "small". Harper's standing on a box. Has to look bigger, overpowering & dominant.

I hate that pic of those 2slimeballs.

Dr Mike said...

Thumbs up & fake smiles , got to love it.

Whenever these guys pull-off one of these photo-ops I usually check my wallet because something evil has happened or is just about to happen that will affect my cash flow or financial well-being.

Looking at the pic, would you buy a used car from either of these jokers.

Unfortunately most of us bought their story at least once & our wallets are still smoking from the whole ordeal.

Two thumbs down to the dazzling duo.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Dr Mike said...

Don`t you think Flaherty would make a fine sock puppet??

Dr mike.

Anonymous said...

Who is more deserving of losing their job?

(1) The 2500 workers (soon to 4,000) at BCE. or

(2) Flaherty?

Brent Fullard

nineofiveland said...

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!!!

Take on jimmy and get him out of there once and for all.

Anonymous said...

I know where I'd like to stick those two thumbs.

I hope the Buzzer takes on His Flatulance as a Liberal, then when His Flatulance loses the riding, he can then run after Tory's job and lose yet again. Then His Flatulance can run after ambulances once again!!

Paul Sirois

Richard said...

Would you buy a Maple Leaf Brands beef sandwich from either of these two dorks? Lets hope Canada wakes up and doesn't either come election day!