Thursday, August 14, 2008

Letter from Rome

To: Brent Fullard
Subject: RE: Keeping score on Andy Willis

Brent, I live in Europe and no longer cover trusts. Please remove me from your email list. Thank you. Eric

Eric Reguly

European Business Correspondent, Rome bureau
The Globe and Mail
Canada's National Newspaper

Mobile: +39 331 649 6202



You never did cover trusts........faithfully, at least, or with any degree of insight.

Meanwhile we in Canada are still living with your sad legacy of reckless mis-reportage.

No doubt your creative business (?) writing skills were honed by your university degree in French Literature/

You sure called this one wrong, as you as you admitted before departing Canada for greener pastures.

The Mail and Globe. The gang that can’t shoot straight.

Say Hi to Peter Munk for me, next time you do another installment of “Lifestyles of the fabulously rich and famous” from Europe.

Brent Fullard


Robert Gibbs said...

I guess "Ir-Reguly" will now be kissing the Pontiff's hand instead of Flaherty's gonads?

Anonymous said...

That is some awesome smack Brent! You sure can write man. I'm glad you're the president of CAITI. At the very least your "right between the eyes" style of writing resonates strong with me. I admire the way you accurately call this gov't out. And all the lap dogs too!