Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The method to the Globe's journalistically corrupt madness

The articles in the Globe and Mail, and in particular their titles, are deliberate “plants”, whose main purpose is to afford those whose bidding the Globe does, with “sound bites” to use in the broader public as a defense against arguments for which there would otherwise be no defense. People like Flaherty need to be able to point to articles that are supportive of his position on income trusts, especially in the days leading up to an election. This is why we have people like Derek DeCloet writing articles on July 29, 2008 that read “Jim Flaherty, trust investors' best friend. Seriously” and Rob Carrick writing articles on August 23, 2008 that read “Much-maligned income trusts: Down but not out”

The purpose of these articles is two fold. First, most of the Globe’s readers only scan the titles of the articles. Therefore these titles are intended to leave the casual reader with the false impression that the Globe deliberately intends to convey. These articles are also then often cited by politicians in debate and in letters as a form of third party independent verification of the real world. The Globe and Mail is the furthest thing possible from being an “independent third party verification of the real world” I would expect is becoming abundantly obvious to all.

The other purpose to which these misleading articles are put to, is to provide what are called internet “trolls” who are ideologically aligned with (or paid by) the Conservative Party with material to go around and quell discontent on a given issue. Below is just such an example from the Conservative troll, known as wilson. Strange that he would make this point about income trusts’ value in an article about whether the Governor General should concede to Harper’s Variable Election Date request or not.

Sorry to say, but in my view, the inevitable demise of the print news media can’t happen soon enough. People like Derek DeCloet and Rob Carrick are working overtime to make that happen sooner rather than later.

wilson has left a new comment on your post "Note to Governor General: Just say no....ours is a country of laws ":

Much-maligned income trusts: Down but not outROB CARRICK August 23, 2008Trusts have actually performed quite well as a group in the past year or so, but this is in large part a result of the fact that energy trusts have benefited from the multiyear rise in oil and gas prices. Some other trusts have struggled lately, which is good news for income seekers. As a trust's price falls, the yield on its monthly or quarterly cash payout rises.

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Robert Gibbs said...

And where would the value of ALL trusts be (despite the meteoric rise in the price of crude oil) were it not for Deceivin' Stephen and Dim Jim Flaherty?

Randy said...


Their you go asking those difficult questions again.

Maybe somebody from the Mail and Globe could ask something bright like this -- just once.