Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crisis? What crisis?

How plausible is it for Stephen Harper to say that Parliament is dysfunctional, and for this to become His rationale for reneging on His fixed election date contract with voters? Parliament is not even in session. If Parliament’s dysfunction had been an issue, Harper should have informed Canadians about that reality back in June.

So why now? Well the reason is most obvious and most telling about Steve and His false bravado. Certain parts of Parliament have been at work this past summer, specifically the Ethics Committee and their investigation of Harper’s In and Out taxpayer scam. In this respect Parliament is working very well indeed. In fact too well for Harper’s personal liking. As such we are merely pawns in the Hands of Stephen. As always, he will do as He pleases.

Meanwhile the Cadman lawsuit has placed Steve’s self-incriminating bribery confession into legal limbo. Just where he wants it. As such, Steve has immunized Himself against hearing His words of self confession spread across the airwaves in an election of His own timing. How convenient.....for Him.

Remind me. Just what is it that we are supposed to like about this guy? The fact that he is arrogant, intellectually corrupt and incompetent?

Harper ups ante on election ultimatum
PM eyes triggering snap campaign unless Dion agrees to meet before Sept. 8; Justice Minister vows not to reopen abortion debate

From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

August 26, 2008 at 3:51 AM EDT

OTTAWA — The rush for a snap election is quickening as senior Conservatives indicated that Prime Minister Stephen Harper might not wait to meet Stéphane Dion before calling a vote if the Liberal Leader does not agree to talks next week.

That could set the stage for a campaign triggered next week, with some Conservatives circling Sept. 5 as the most likely date.

Mr. Harper indicated last week he wanted crisis-atmosphere meetings with opposition leaders within a few weeks before deciding whether to call an election, but that has led to a cat-and-mouse game over the timing of the tête-à-têtes.

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Lizt. said...

Things are really moving fast, as the GG cancelled her trip to China. Is there some thing going on that we don't know, that will hit the fan soon?