Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dion accuses Harper of "manufacturing a parliamentary crisis that does not exist."

Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister of Broken Promises. He is also the Prime Minister of False Premises for broken promises.

Harper’s fixed election promise is causing him he manufactures a false argument to “justify” breaking his promise.....Parliament is dysfunctional.....of Harper’s own doing

This is exactly like Harper’s solemn promise not to double tax income trusts. Then he got lobbied by people like Paul Desmarai Jr and Gwyn Morgan.

So Harper manufactured the completely False Premise that income trusts cause tax leakage.....of Harper’s own doing.. Such an argument is totally false and fraudulent as it excludes 38% of the taxes paid by trust taxpayers.

Meanwhile, where’s is the PRESS? The Canadian press are not up to the task of investigating and reporting the truth. Making them 80% complicit in Harper’s $35 billion fraud.

Dion says he will meet with Harper to discuss a fall election

Canadian Press
August 24, 2008

17 hours ago

MONTREAL — Liberal Leader Stephane Dion said he is ready to meet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Dion confirmed Saturday the two men will meet but that no date has yet been set.

The prime minister said in the past week that he wanted to meet with the three opposition parties to discuss whether Parliament would be able to function this fall.

The Liberal Leader said he will ask the prime minister why he wants to overrule his own fixed-date election law.

"What happened in the last few days that justifies calling a general election?" Dion asked during a news conference.

He was responding to the Tories' threat to call an election before fall session begins on Sept. 15.

"Parliament is doing its work," he said.

Dion also accused Harper of "manufacturing a parliamentary crisis that does not exist."

The Conservatives passed a law that set the next election for Oct, 2009, but the legislation contains a loophole that experts say effectively allows the prime minister to call an election whenever he wants.

The Liberal Leader campaigned in the Quebec riding of St. Lambert Saturday for two byelections that will be held in the Montreal-area on Sept. 8.


Polyian said...

Regardless of the Loophole, Harper made this fixed date election one of his major issues. He claimed the moral high ground on this issue. Now he abandons it because it's not convenient for him. Harper is a complete slime ball. He will say and do anything to get a majority. God Help Canada is he gets one.

Robert Gibbs said...

That's right, if the opposition parties don't roll over and play dead to Harper's fascist dictatorship, well then, he'll just break another so-called "promise."

The man is a disgrace to all Canadians.

Send him into George W's arms, where he belongs, and wants to be anyway.

Tories set up early election call

No 'common ground' with opposition means Harper government could force campaign in as early as 10 days

Aug 23, 2008 04:30 AM

Toronto Star
Allan Woods
Ottawa Bureau

OTTAWA–The Conservative government does not believe opposition parties will let it govern 'effectively' in the coming session of Parliament and is preparing to force an election in the coming weeks, a top government official says.

The official in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office said it appears the opposition parties are not interested in finding the "common ground" the Tories feel is necessary to go ahead with the fall sitting of the House of Commons on Sept. 15.

Full story here:

Dr Mike said...

As Harper said in 2005 , the whole problem is the double taxation of dividends within Registered Accounts.

He could see the problem but refused to do anything about it.

These accounts are being robbed by their own government with no hope in sight of anyone inside doing anything about it.

I guess it must be hard to replace such a tax grab if this was eliminated making it "too complex" to deal with.

Sheesh , give me a break!!!!

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Harper caused this crisis? Heh. Interesting notion from a man who couldn't even be bothered to do his job as an Opposition leader by even voting on key issues of the day that are supposed to be at the heart of his party's values.

Robert Gibbs said...

See Diane Francis' Financial Post blog concerning Brent's challenge to Flaherty here: