Friday, August 8, 2008

The “move on” mentality of Dan Miles

For those who don’t know, Dan “move on” Miles is the highly ineffectual Communications Director of Jim “it’s not my fault” Flaherty.

Dan seems to have a difficult time rationalizing his boss’s policy on income trusts.

That’s probably because no credible explanation has been given for this policy, and no proof of tax leakage had been provided.

The best argument that Dan Miles is able to muster is “move on”.

Move on? Whose purpose does that serve, if not Dan Miles' and Jim Flahery’s. It certainly doesn’t serve the proper functioning of our government called Canada.

Dan Miles used his “move on” logic at the time when CAITI launched its billboard campaign in the spring of 2008. Here’s what Dan had to say in the Hill Times article of March 31, 2008:

“It’s regrettable that they can’t move on.”

Regrettable for whom? Oh you, of course. Why is it always about you?

In a further attempt to get mileage from this same lame vacuous argument, Dan Miles had the following conversation yesterday with Doug Boraas of Calgary via e-mail:

Doug to Dan:


Why are you trying to defend your boss-(Flip-Flop Flaherty) in letters to the editors that are printing the truth re taxing income trusts as per below:

I don't know Mr. McMillan but when you tried to run down Deb Yedlin in Calgary a few weeks ago, you are about as ignorant and arrogant as your predecessor Diane Ablonczy.
Deb Yedlin is indeed one fine business editor and represents the facts, NOT the lies you and Harper et al are peddling!

A former conservative

Dan to Doug

If she is so great at reporting the facts how is it she could write that
Flaherty had not been in Calgary since the Income Trust announcement in
October 2006.... When in fact he had attended an editorial board at her
paper last year?
How is that?

Doug to Dan:

As far as I know Flaherty has not been in Calgary since he played his dirty
Halloween trick on Oct. 31-06. That is a very minute point anyway!
Are you the best Flaherty can hire?
Just answer the question below:
So I say to Dan Miles, concerning his allegation of “tax leakage” and
“shifting of tax burden onto the shoulders of average Canadians”: WHERE ARE
What about the 18 pages of blacked out documents?
A former conservative

Dan to Doug:

Well Doug I appreciate the personal insults.... And if you can defend a
reporter who ignores the facts..... It speaks volumes about her
credibility and yours..... Move on.....

Doug to Dan:

Well Dan, I'll move on when you move on and answer the questions as per
If you can't answer them, you are a hypocrite indeed.
You are also a true conservative as you cannot answer any straight question
directly and honestly. (Lies, lies and more lies)
As far as I'm concerned, you have absolutely NO credibility.

A former conservative


Anonymous said...

Can we have Dan Miles e-mail address. I have a few issues I would like to discuss with him

Anonymous said...

I am sure Dan "move on" Miles loves hearing from all Canadians:

Robert Gibbs said...

Funny how Dan "Move On" Miles even felt compelled to converse with a Canadian citizen/constituent.

As many others have realized, their letters and communication to CON MPs simply end up in the trash or get unceremoniously deleted, without acknowledgement or reply.

Of course, any response that is put forward completely obfuscates or ignores the main subject of the discussion, as Mr. Doug Boraas found out here.

All hail Deceivin' Stephen's "open, honest and transparent" "gubbernment".

Dr Mike said...

Dapper Danny is always with the "Move On " theme.

I just wish that I could.

Actually , there is one thing that would help me to do just that---the complete unabridged , real , actually genuine , unblacked-out 18 pages of proof for tax leakage.

I do realize that Canada as we know it would certainly come to an end if this was released---After all we have been told that this is an issue of national economic security & certain collapse of out entire nation rests upon this remaining secret.

Still , I think I might be willing to risk it.

Dr Mike Popovich.

richard said...

Hey Dan Miles: you'll be so happy to know that I've moved on. Moved right on from being a Conservative Party donor, supporter and votor to being one of those pissed off income trust investors that you think does not belong in your party. You know, the party that always finds a way to attack its own political base. Usually through some ill thought out tax policy. I'm so happy moving on, from a crowd of facist goofs, right on down to my local ballot box at the next election. Anybody but Con Job.

Transcanada said...

A rat leaves the sinking CONservative ship.

Looks like "Move-on" Miles has moved on himself and given up trying to defend the undefendable Jim Flaherty.

Good riddance and goodbye Dan!

Now if we rid ourselves of your boss Canada would be a better place.

Dr Mike said...

Oh oh!!

Does this mean that Jimmy has lost his ability to speak out of the side of his mouth.

This will essentially disable him & make him ineffective as Finance Minister.

Jim will have to resign because he has nothing to say.

We can only hope.

Dr Mike Popovich.