Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stephen Harper: Breaking solemn promises, one faux crisis at a time

The Globe and Mail is never one to refute Harper’s faux crises. Rather the Globe is Harper’s main promulgator of faux crises:

Harper's Income Trust promise:
Broken, based on the faux crisis called tax leakage from BCE/Telus......the Globe had a field day misreporting on that fantasy notion.....cost their readers $35 billion (former readers that is)....why did the Globe not report on the definitive work by Dennis Bruce.....just the numbers produced by the grossly conflicted Jack Mintz? Why did the Globe not report on the fact that neither BCE nor Telus were taxable at the time of the faux crisis.....or on the massive loss of taxes from BCE’s LBO relative to an income trust?

Why did the Globe not report on the Catalyst Proposal and thereby aided BCE’s breaking of disclosure rules for bid circulars? Could it be that the Globe’s owners, BCE and Teachers’ are the real news content editors at the Globe? Here’s an even tougher question. Is today Tuesday?

Harper's Fixed Election date promise: About to be broken, based on the faux crisis called dysfunctional parliament......has the Globe reported on the word by word content of Harper’s 200 page manual of how to obstruct Parliament that is in Don Martin’s possession, which would assist Canadians in understanding just who is responsible for making Parliament dysfunctional......since we already know who is making journalism dysfunctional in Canada;

Harper ups ante on election ultimatum

PM eyes triggering snap campaign unless Dion agrees to meet before Sept. 8; Justice Minister vows not to reopen abortion debate

With a report from The Canadian Press

August 26, 2008

OTTAWA -- The rush for a snap election is quickening as senior Conservatives indicated that Prime Minister Stephen Harper might not wait to meet Stéphane Dion before calling a vote if the Liberal Leader does not agree to talks next week.

That could set the stage for a campaign triggered next week, with some Conservatives circling Sept. 5 as the most likely date.

Mr. Harper indicated last week he wanted crisis-atmosphere meetings with opposition leaders within a few weeks before deciding whether to call an election, but that has led to a cat-and-mouse game over the timing of the tête-à-têtes.

Blah Blah Blah


Robert Gibbs said...

The Chronicle Herald

Harper Ideology Threatening Canada’s Future

By DAVID CRANE | Economics
Tue. Aug 26 - 10:07 AM

AT A TIME when we need to be thinking much harder about where our future jobs and prosperity will come from, Canada is being held back by the misguided ideology of the Harper government. This seriously threatens our future.


We have a great deal of talent in Canada and many more potential winners. But if the Harper govern­ment’s ideology prevails, then much of that potential will die in the Valley of Death. We cannot afford that.


Robert Gibbs said...

Another Harper 'House Of Cards'?

During the August 11, 2008 HOC committee hearings into the Conservative "In and Out" 2006 election financing scheme, Liberato Martelli, a long-shot Tory candidate running in the Montreal Island riding of Bourassa, had more shocking, but apparently glossed over, comments about Conservative financing, as related by blogger "Liberal Arts And Minds" (or "KNB").

"Now, we've heard for an awfully long time that the Cons are just swimming in money. Martelli made a quick mention that he had phone canvassed 100 people in his riding that supposedly had paid for memberships, thereby making a contribution to the party. His findings were that only 1 of these 100 people had actually done that. He found that odd and he also found it odd that the Cons had so much money. After his experience, he connected the dots."

"I don't know if this is a House of Cards about to fall down, but I do hope that people smarter than me will look into exactly where the Conservative Party of Canada has received it's oceans of money."

"It was a quiet part of the testimony, but it should not go unrecognised."