Friday, August 1, 2008

L'ian MacDonald espouses insanity.

"Don't forget. Don't forget this."

How much credibility does a former speech writer for Brian Mulroney have?

You be the judge:

Today L. Ian MacDonald (L to his friends) wrote a piece for the National Post entitled the "New Tory Heartland" about how Harper is apparently going to capture a majority off the backs of Quebeckers. This is the second time in a week that L has written such a thesis.

In this week's iteration, L quotes the recent words of Stephen Harper that:

"I give you my word that as long as I'm prime minister, there will be no new taxes."

L ends his article by saying that these words of Harper's were "the first speech of the next campaign." Coming from a speech writer, that is quite the insight?

Perhaps L is a better speech writer than he is a student of history. Seems to me that Harper made a similar promise in the last election that he abruptly broke for reasons that have never been substantiated, unless 18 pages of blacked out documents meets your test of substantiation.

I believe the definition of insanity is believing a person who has blatantly lied to you in the past and expecting a different outcome. Seems to me Harper had this to say about "no new taxes" in the last election:

"When Ralph Goodale tried to tax Income Trusts ... don't forget, don't forget this ...they showed us where they stood. They showed us about their attitudes towards raiding seniors hard earned assets and a Conservative government will never allow either of these parties to get away with that"

When Stephen Harper says "I give you my word as Prime Minister", doesn't L know that Stephen Harper's word is totally worthless?

L'ian MacDonald is espousing insanity.


Anonymous said...

"L" has a man-crush on Harper. Actually, when I see MacDonald speak, he gives me the creeps.

Anonymous said...

Of course Stephen Harper is not to be believed when he says:

"I give you my word that as long as I'm prime minister, there will be no new taxes."

It's also impossible to believe him when he says:

"Circumstances have changed"

and he provides ZERO proof


(not so easily fooled this time)

Dr Mike said...

Right on the money Brent---unfortunately , it was our money!!!!!!!!

Gone , but not forgotten.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Cliff said...

Get over it boys...move on to real issues that effect Canadians. Maybe...start promoting your leaders TAX GRAB via the greenshaft.

This was a sound policy change that favoured the middle suggest that there is no proof things changed is to simply put your head in the sand.

Further, to believe that your leader will change this policy is simply untrue...and why...because all concerned recognize the fact that the changed conditions warranted this change. The Liberals are simply using this as a divisive wedge issue to keep many of you Liblogs on board..but... willfully creating divisiveness is not showing leadership.

As I have repeated on this blog before...the FACTS are the FACTS...and Common Sense prevailed...and for a change it favoured the middle class as it often does with this government.

This BLOG is one SPECIAL INTEREST group that will not prevail regardless of the party is power.

Anonymous said...


You're absilutely right when you say:

"FACTS are the FACTS"

So where are they? The facts I mean. The proof of alleged tax leakage? You know, the premise on which this legislation TO RAISE TAXES was advanced? Hello? Tax leakage proof?

You know "FACTS are the FACTS"

Stephen Harper's word is worthless. His arguments devoid of facts. Sounds like someone worth voting for.....OUT OF OFFICE

Brent Fullard

Dr Mike said...


Good to se you back.

I am heading off for the day to Doctor`s appointments , which I consider myself lucky to have with all the tax leakage the Conservatives have managed to commit the Canadian taxpayer to.

I fail to see how the Tax fairness plan helped the middle class as you like to say--presently , the tax losses due to the TFP have exceeded the 2 billion dollar per year mark & it is rising--this does count the 800 million per year loss due to the failure of BCE to convert to a trust.

So Cliff , who will pay the freight on this loss.

Answer , the middle class taxpayer--either in lost services or higher taxes.

There cannot be lost tax revenue without consequences.

Cliff , it about time you woke up as I did , & smell the coffee.

Harper will be the downfall of us all.

Dr Mike Popovich--former life-long Conservative.

PS--sorry I have to write & run.

Polyian said...

Cliff...If 18 pages of blacked out facts are enough for you to accept major tax policy change then I just just hope there are not too many 'blind faith' Harper supporters with similar reasoning powers.

You talk about 'our leader' as if we are all Liberals. Most of the posters here were Progressive Conservatives that were duped by Harper's Lies into supporting his new Reform CRAP Party last election. Many are only voting Liberal because Harper betrayed us.

So Cliff, I listened to Harper say "the only reason a government imposes a new tax is to increase revenue" on CTV last night. Can I take it from Harper's words that the Income Trust Tax was imposed to increase revenue? If so, can you provide the analysis and reports that were used to justify the new tax? You will certainly find many reports from reputable experts on this site dispelling the tax leakage myths Flaherty propagated.

Transcanada said...

I was a Conservative prior to October 31/06. Harper changed my mind about voting CONservativeany time in the future.

'L' can talk and spin all he like but as more Canadians figure out what Harpo and the Dwarf plan to do when the deficit gains momentum the weak support the CONs now enjoy will évaporez-vous

Anonymous said...

How much credibility does a former speech writer for Brian Mulroney have?

Now time to go make fun of dr roy (in person of course)

Bruce Benson said...

I can't believe Canadians. They bought Harpo and his gang's lie about income trusts. Now the 30% of Canadians that are still CON's are ready to eat more lies. Isn't it amazing. Oh! It was just a little white lie eh. Didn't hurt me. Give their heads a shake.

Bruce Benson

Robert Gibbs said...

Stephen Harper’s word is worthless.

"They showed us about their attitudes towards raiding seniors hard earned assets and a Conservative government will never allow either of these parties to get away with that"

Ah...but Stevie will allow HIS party to get away with that.

Robert Gibbs said...

Stevie's Tax Trick:

Will you be tricked by Stevie's tax on every income trust?

Robert Gibbs said...

No Room For Democracy In Harper's Conservative Dictatorship

Don't You Dare Question My Legislation Or My Government's Conduct
Megalomania, Propaganda, Hypocrisy And Aggrandizement Run Rampant

July 31, 2008

In an article published on Thursday, July 31, 2008, the Ottawa Citizen describes some of Harper's remarks during the last day of the Conservative's annual "summer retreat" or caucus meeting. A few observations are added.

How's this for a megalomaniacal dictator:

In a new twist, the prime minister also said he would not tolerate efforts by the opposition to use parliamentary committees to debate legislation or launch inquiries into government conduct.

The Commons justice committee, for example, has been all but paralyzed by Conservatives over whether to allow a probe into the Cadman bribery affair.

"I don't think they [Canadians] believe the purpose of Parliament is to hold investigations into scandals...," said Harper. "These are all ridiculous political games..."

In other words, Harper refuses to allow a democratic discussion of his policies and legislation, and refuses to submit his government to examination and scrutiny. He will rule with an iron fist, beholden to no one.

The world has seen this kind of tyranny before. In fact, we continue to see it today. And it isn't pretty.

Spewing pounds of propaganda:

"The purpose of Mr. Dion's carbon tax is to raise money for the federal government so that he can spend it," said the prime minister. "That is the only reason a politician ever puts in a new tax..."

Absolutely untrue, Mr. Harper. The policy is actually concerned with the benevolent goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, combating the effects of climate change, creating a better environment, and reducing Canada's reliance on evermore expensive and depleting carbon-based fuels.

You also conveniently, persistently and purposefully neglect to mention Mr. Dion's concomitant and compensatory plan to reduce income taxes for each and every Canadian, especially for those most in need.

Concerted propaganda indeed!

With heaps of hypocrisy:

Harper called the plan a "serious error in judgment" that would have a "devastating" impact.

Well, Mr. Harper, your income trust policy of October 31, 2006 exactly mirrors that statement.

You actually caused what you claimed you were preventing, and you thoughtlessly devastated seniors, retirees and Canadians saving for their retirement.

Advancing to aggrandizement:

"I'm confident that we are the only party that has a 'serious' agenda in many files - not only the environment, but also the economy, justice, health, relations with our partners in the federation," said Harper.

"We are the only party that offers to Canadians a plan to govern, a plan to manage the country during this time of slowing global economic growth, and we're ready to make that case before the public any time."

Yes, Mr. Harper, you and your disciples are the only ones who have all the answers.

You are the apostle - nay messiah - who will lead us all to salvation.

Robert Gibbs said...

I see that "Cliff" is still inducing his "Harpergasms" in the basement of his eleventh dimension of "Bizzaro" world.

Facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts, facts, facts. facts.

Repeat, repeat, repeat so often that you must "BELIEVE".

"I want to BELIEVE!"

This boy has some serious psychological problems.

I recommend a visit to a certified FBI de-programmer.

Robert Gibbs said...

Let me guess, sycophant "L" will be looking for a post in Harpo's majority "gubbernment."

Robert Gibbs said...

How's this for 'tax leakage'?

"...more than $3 billion in 'tax leakage' from the transaction..."


Another LBO Of A Canadian Income Trust Due To Harper's Income Trust Tax

Fording Canadian Coal Trust To Be Bought By Teck Cominco

July 29, 2008 (EDIT)

VANCOUVER - Teck Cominco Ltd. pulled the trigger on a deal to buy the assets of Fording Canadian Coal Trust for about US$14 billion.

Tuesday's bid is for US$12.4 billion in cash and shares worth about C$1.5 billion.

Don Lindsay, president and CEO of Teck Cominco said the structure of the deal is key because of the tax advantages, and the fact the company already owns 20 per cent of Fording.

Teck expects to reap more than US$3 billion in tax benefits from the transaction based on established rules covering the acquisition of Canadian resource properties. It will fund the cash portion largely from a US$9.8-billion loan facility it has arranged with a syndicate of banks.

The deal follows what Fording described as an extensive review of strategic alternatives, particularly in light of the need to address our income trust structure before 2011.

Robert Gibbs said...

Harper Fails To Meet Own Deadline Rules For Disclosing Gifts

The Canadian Press

July 30, 2008 at 6:21 PM EDT

OTTAWA — It seems Prime Minister Stephen Harper has failed to meet his own conflict-of-interest deadline for declaring gifts he received.

Mr. Harper has not publicly declared gifts received since last fall despite being required to do so under new conflict guidelines introduced by his government.

But an official [falsely] insisted Mr. Harper is in compliance with the rules because all gifts are in the process of being disclosed or still being appraised to establish their value.

Under the new conflict rules in the Conservatives' public accountability legislation of 2006, all gifts cabinet ministers receive valued over $200 must be reported within 30 days.

Mr. Harper hasn't reported anything since a present he received during an official visit in October of 2007.

Randy Meyer said...


Can you point me to the facts that you speak of. I written my MP Harper several times asking for the facts. To date, he hasn't been able to give them to me. Since you appear to know what the facts were on the 18 pages of blacked out documents, would you mind sharing them?

Once the case is proven, this site along with its "special interest" group will shut down I'm sure.

Thanks in advance.