Friday, August 15, 2008

Four more years!

From the CBC net news site:

Shifty Calhoun wrote:

They bribe an independent MP.
They fire a nuclear watchdog for doing her job.
They break Elections Canada laws.
They try to sue the Liberals for doing their job.
They embarrass Canada when an MP leaves classified documents at a girlfriend’s house.
On the day of apologizing to Aboriginal people of Canada, an MP calls in to CFRA and trashes Natives.
They cancel the access to information database (not very transparent).
They allow American lobbyists to influence Canadian law (new copyright laws).
They have done nothing for the environment.
They are the most secretive government we’ve ever had.
The Fortier and Emerson appointments.
Selling out our economic sovereignty to the USA via the softwood lumber deal.
Harper’s $35B tax grab on Income Trusts which decimated seniors’ savings.
Firing the National Science Advisor.
Not showing up to honour Canadian scientists that have won the Nobel Prize.
Trying to impose censorship in the Canadian Film Industry.
Allowing Flaherty to present the biggest spending budgets in Canadian history (spending more than a drunken Liberal).
Cancelling of the Court Challenges Program.
Pandering to Quebec by:
a) Renewing the program but ONLY for official language minorities
b) Playing footsie with Dumont, then Charest, then Dumont again, then Charest, then Dumont.

Yup, a list of accomplishments to be proud of.


Frankly Canadian said...

Thanks for the summary, this is what Canadians need to be reminded of constantly, so we can avoid the same mistake. It would also be nice to see a list of all the cancelled programs along side a list of re-opened programs. Anyways I printed it off and will be showing it to the all my fellow co-workers.

Robert Gibbs said...

And that's just a partial list!

It's a good thing Harper's operatives can't try to re-write or eliminate all the 'negatively charged' electrons on the internet.

Randy said...

Do you think this list will appear here: