Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dan Miles: Jim Flaherty’s Communications Director and Hypocrite-at-large

Dan Miles has been working overtime of late, defending his hapless boss, Jim Flaherty, against the constant barrage of negative articles that are the manifestation of Jim’s two years as Canada’s Finance Minister.

Many would say Canada’s worst Finance Minister.

The recent article entitled “Continuous berating of Province won't turn economy around” by Ian McMillan that appeared in Flaherty’s home town paper, the Durham Region News on July 31, 2008, was deserving of Dan Miles' protective instincts in defense of his boss.

This is where the HYPOCRITE part comes in.

Dan Miles wrote today that: "I don't mean to lecture Mr. McMillan, but I want to ensure that in future he can buttress his argument with the facts, not empty rhetoric."

This is most interesting of a request, as well as most reasonable. In fact this is the very position that CAITI and the many other associations including, the Coalition of Canadian Energy Trusts, The Canadian Association of Income Funds, The Liberal Party of Canada as well as the Green Party of Canada have taken on the matter concerning Jim Flaherty’s income trust policy. To date that policy is baseless in terms of facts. It is a policy based on nothing more than mere rhetoric.

That policy is predicated on the assertion that income trusts cause "tax leakage" to the government. So where’s the proof Mr. Dan Miles, Hypocrite-at-large? Why do the 2.5 million Canadians who are being deprived of an essential investment option and who incurred the loss of $35 billion in their hard earned life savings being given 18 pages of blacked out documents as “proof”?. Puhlease.

So I say to Dan Miles, concerning his allegation of “tax leakage” and “shifting of tax burden onto the shoulders of average Canadians”: WHERE ARE THE FACTS" WHERE IS THE PROOF?

"I don't mean to lecture Mr. Miles, but I want to ensure that in future he can buttress his argument with the facts, not empty rhetoric."

Therefore to quote Diane Francis, Editor-at-large of the Financial Post: "Prove the case or drop the tax."

PS: Jim Flaherty, your tax leakage analysis is fraudulent.
So too is your rhetoric.

Sort of like that empty rhetoric in the Hill Times of March 31, 2008 that quoted an unidentified Conservative MP from Ontario, as saying:

"I’m sure Flaherty would love to go a couple of rounds with these [CAITI] guys in a debate situation.”

To which we replied in the April 7, 2008 edition of the Hill Times:

"Just say when and where, we'd love to debate the Finance Minister"

Perhaps Dan Miles could arrange that debate, or was that just more empty rhetoric on the part of the Conservative Party of Canada? A party defined by All bluster, no substance. All hat, no cattle.

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The Trusty Tory said...

"Many would say Canada’s worst Finance Minister."

No, actually, Canada's worst Finance Minister would be John Turner who turned a surplus into a deep, dark deficit. But don't let the facts get in the way of your planned, partisan attack since that's all you Liberals have left.

Robert Gibbs said...

As University of Toronto professor Peter Russell stated in a recent affidavit:

Harper's actions are "characteristic of authoritarian governments."

"It is incompatible with democratic government," said Russell, a political scientist and professor emeritus at the university.

Anonymous said...

Dear: The trusty tory:

Is there such a thing as a trusty tory?

I digress.

I stand corrected on whether Flaherty is Canada's worst finance minister, as that point is obviously open to debate.

What is not open for debate is that Flaherty is Canada's most fraudulent Finance Minister, as he has defrauded Canadians of $35 billion base on his tax leakage lie.

Does that work better for you?

Brent Fullard

Robert Gibbs said...

As to Flaherty:

"Many would say Canada’s worst Finance Minister."

Truer words could not be spoken.

He's turning a surplus into a deep, dark deficit.

And, he's turned a valuable investment vehicle into a deep, dark deficit.

Not to mention, as to Flaherty:

Many would also say ONTARIO’s worst Finance Minister.

But don't let the facts get in the way.

Anonymous said...

One could argue that Michael Wilson was worse than John Turner.

Now to compare either John Turner or Michael Wilson with Jim Flaherty would require one to define what 'Canada's worst Finance Minister' would mean.

Geoffrey L.

The Trusty Tory said...

Michael Wilson planted the seeds and Paul Martin picked the know the GST that killed the deficit? But I'm not going to stick around and debate with you folks. The Liberals have hit the bottom of the gutter and all they have left is slander, defamation and rhetoric. Apparently, so do their bloggers. Whatever.

Robert Gibbs said...

Pathetic how the CON-nutters like to try to reflect onto others their very own image.

Richard said...

Lets not forget that other dimwit car salesman from Alberta, Don Who?, that helped drive Tax and Spend Mulroney and the Kim Campbell Conservatives to election oblivion.

richard said...

The trustme tory said Income Trusts will never be taxed by the Conservative Party, we promise, and furthermore "Promise Made- Promise Kept". These Con facist goofs have never figured out that when you attack your own political base you loose the next election. Bring it on all you turdsy tories.

The Trusty Tory said...

Con Facist goofs? Gee, how intelligent. Wonderful argument, ladies and gents. It's such a pleasure to be amongst such scholars.

Randy said...

Trusty Tory,

At least you get to post your comments here. If this were a CONservative blog like

your comments would simply be deleted. However since this is a blog that allows the opinions of all comers (assuming they are civil) would you please post the proof that CAITI has simply been asking for.

Once you've done that, this site will shut down as it will not have a reason to exist.

Looking forward to your proof so you can shut this site down.

The Trusty Tory said...

Hey, I'm the same way over at my place. Anyone of all political stripes can post's what makes it fun. Don't you like sitting here and carrying on with me, the "fascist goof"?

Dr Mike said...

Hey Trusty Tory

As a fellow Conservative , can you do me one small favor---can you tell me what is on the 18 pages of blacked-out documents that are the proof of Mr Flaherty`s tax leakage.

I have voted Conservative for over 35 years & deserve at least that much respect.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Proud Canadian said...

Hey trusty tory. Yes, please release the 18 pages to the public. As a former 30 year tory voter I am due at least that much. It would really help your credibility. And by the way, just a thought, why don`t you release the unaltered 18 pages to the public. Remember, you will be protected by Harpers whistle blower legislation. lol

Anonymous said...

Now I know where the trusty tory probably got his name from.

"trusty" actually means to be brain dead and acceptant of whatever CRAP the CRAP party throws at you.

Just like this letter from Stephen Hapless wrote to me on November 24, 2006 where he trued to inculcate me into his cult of "trust".

Dear Mr. Fullard:

Thank you for your e-mail message regarding the government's decision on income trusts. I am pleased to have this opportunity to respond.

I understand your disappointment with this decision. We recognize that Canadian investors, including many pensioners and seniors, have made important investments over the years and benefit from the current income trust structure. However, Canadians must trust that their government is watching out for them and is upholding the values that define us, like fairness. They expect us to fix problems, right injustices and close loopholes.

CANADIANS MUST TRUST? What the hell does that mean? Trust, by edict?
Certainly not trust by example. This idiot just lied to us about not tampering with income trust, then he does just that, and he wants our trust?

We may be gullible fools, but we aren't masochists.

Brent Fullard

Randy said...


You mean your blog is the same was as

So far it seems so. I guess you don't have anything to add to the discussion. If this were CONservative Sandy's site (noted above), you'd be deleted.

I would for once like to see some CONservative supporter justify the loss of $35Billion in investor's capital and the on going billions of dollars of tax leakage caused by Mr. Harper.

So far, I've been met with blanked out pages, deleted blog posts on CONservative websites and my MP Mr Harper simply ignoring me.

I haven't been rude or called people names. I just stated the facts and asked for a reasoned reply.

Guess what? No reply becuase they can't justify the action. If you can, then I'd be pleased to read your rationale.

Dr Mike said...

Good one Randy!!!

These guys are just a bunch of spineless boneheads who will never release any facts---they know that they would be dead in the water.

Also , I am sure most do not know them.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

August 8, 2008; Flaherty said there would be 5,000 new jobs in July. Ooops, he did it again. We lost 55,000 jobs. He really is a lost soul....can't add, subtract or figure out anything financial. He must telephone Mark Carney daily to find out what is happening in the financial world. He listened to Carney and cancelled income trusts. Did that help the economy of Canada. No. Canada is now in a deficit for the year matter that Flaherty stands on his tippy toes and says this year we will see a surplus. Even with the 4 billion taken from those poor schmuks who paid to get licences for cellular phones, he is in deep financial trouble. We have no car industry, we have little paper industry, the lumber industry better pray that China will continue to tell me Mr. Finance Minister what have you done for this country?