Friday, August 8, 2008

Prentice is opposed to spam? That's news.

It looks like Jim Prentice has broken from his party's position on spam:

Prentice on text messaging
August 8, 2008

OTTAWA — — Canada will not interfere with the day-to-day business decisions of major telecommunications firms, despite public unhappiness over moves by two major companies to charge for incoming text messages, Industry Minister Jim Prentice said Friday.

Mr. Prentice said he had expressed his “serious concerns” to the firms over the possibility they would charge customers for unwanted spam text messages and said they had assured him customers could have such charges removed.

As for spam, what about taxpayers footing the bill for all these "10 percenters" (pictured above) from the Conservative Party that are being stuffed in mail boxes across the country at taxpayer expense?

Dare I say hypocritical?


Robert Gibbs said...

That's right Canadian taxpayers.

Your hard-earned money sent via taxes to the CONservative government is paying for their never-ending blitzkrieg of useless partisan political propaganda.

Blanketed right across the country, mostly in non-CONservative ridings.

Millions and millions of dollars worth.

A whole forest later.

Who do you think is on the wrong track in WASTING your tax dollars and in SCREWING Canadian seniors?

Stephen Harper ___
Stephen Harper ___
Stephen Harper ___
Stephen Harper ___

Douchebag Dean Del Mastro
Jabber Jim A-Prentice
Dim Jim Fool Flaherty
Deceivin' Stephen Hapless Harper


Robert Gibbs said...

Extremely Despicable Examples Of Now Common-Place Conservative Ignobility (To Say The Least)

(Courtesy Of Red Tory)

July 8, 2008

Former glue-sniffer, thief, and rent boy turned stark raving mad Conservative evangelical campaigner against homosexuality and abortion, Bill Whatcott, made a highly dignified guest appearance on Stephen Taylor’s “Blogging Tories” Forum — where the cognoscenti of the Canadian Conservative movement meet and greet online, don’t you know?

Said Whatcott (with photo posted):

"I got an image of the Order of Canada, crapped on it, wrapped it up and mailed it to the Governor General to communicate my utter contempt of her office, her arrogance, her anti-Christian/anti-life bigotry and the now corrupted and irrelevant Order of Canada in general."

This was Whatcott’s chosen form of “protest” to Dr. Henry Morgantaler’s recent appointment to the Order of Canada, the ranks of which, according to Whatcott, are disproportionately filled with “leftist, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, anti-authentic Christian, types.”


August 7, 2008

Helping to further the Conservatives’ “law and order” agenda…

And later on, at the University of Calgary on July 25th around 11:30 AM, as part of a “Jihad for Jesus,” he evaded law enforcement authorities in order to disseminate libellous tracts (flyers) accusing the Premier of Alberta of being in league with a nefarious conspiracy involving hellbound sodomites.


There you have it - a couple of recent examples of the sordid sorts who populate the Conservative party, support-base and blogosphere.

Can you support this???

Robert Gibbs said...

And over at

Little lost nuts

Posted by Garth Turner on 08.08.08 @ 10:04 pm

"Famous, party-sanctioned Conservative blogger Steve Janke (the rodent guy) has just made a formal complaint of abuse to the company that hosts this web site. The objective of his complaint is that the hosting company take “immediate and firm action.” In other words, that this blog go dark."


Comment added...

Steve Janke - Subject Of Libel Lawsuit

As some may already be aware, I believe this CON nut-job and all-round authoritarian state-loving super-wanker, Steve Janke, just happens to be the subject, himself, of a lawsuit that was/is being filed against him for defamation, slander and/or libel, based on, perhaps amongst other things, his blog postings.

His mentor must be the criminally convicted (but pathetically pardoned) Karl Rove, previously of George W. Bush's disgraced US Republican administration.

And on another note, I suggest this demented "troubadour" file a complaint to the CONservative party itself to take “immediate and firm action” to cease and desist in distributing millions of partisan political propaganda leaflets at taxpayers' expense. Canadians have not "opted-in" for this highly wasteful and mindless blitzkrieg that "is in violation of The Board Of Internal Economy's terms of service."

This pathetic wannabe and CON sycophant belongs in a padded room.

Unfortunately, there are others "out there" just like him.

Dr Mike said...


And to think that this used to be my party--I voted for these "wankers" for 35 years--well , at least a party with a similar name--actually , a party with some real ideals that did not include this right wing religious wackoism.

It`s time for the change.

I am ready to rumble.

Dr Mike.

Robert Gibbs said...


You've definitely hit the nail on the head with the "right wing religious wackoism" point.

If interested, Red Tory's blog site can be located here:

I often find his postings quite entertaining and interesting.

He seems to cover a fairly wide array of topics, but frequently posts on political issues and "right wing religious wackoism."

And his vocabulary is immensely impressive (as is Brent's).

Dr Mike said...


Great site!!