Friday, August 15, 2008

Single purpose agent for Mark Carney seeks his elimination from Wikipedia

On 8/15/08 1:03 PM, "Darren> wrote:


I haven't signed into Wikipedia for a while so I wasn't aware of this until a few days ago. Apparently somebody nominated the 'Mark Carney' article for deletion from Wikipedia.

The wiki user which nominated the article for deletion was deemed to have a single purpose account, the purpose of which was to delete the Carney article. Wonder who? Is somebody uncomfortable with their role in a previous DoF position. Who knows.

Anyway, a couple wiki editors defended so it looks like the article stays. Poor Mark. :-(

Attempted deletion here


Too late...he’s now the freakin’ governor of the Bank of Canada. Or does he want to black that out as well?

So much for transparency, disclosure and accountability at the Bank of Canada? Words without meaning. Concepts without implementation.



Anonymous said...

Maybe the true revelations about Mark's past were considered a Bio-hazard?

Robert Gibbs said...

Revisionist history redux...

Goes right along with the other known/reported attempts, including for poor Jabber Jim A-Prentice.

I guess if the zany Harperites can re-write the history of the Earth to only 6,000 years, what's the dustup over a few "non-existent" electrons, eh?