Friday, August 8, 2008

Sorry BCE, "better" isn't good enough

Today Bell launched its new look, and new branding:

Bell Home Phone (where have I heard that before?)
Bell TV
Bell Internet

Meanwhile they have a new tagline "Today just got better" . That sounds a lot like Telus’ “The future is friendly”

Catalyst Asset Management had also prepared a new name and a new mantra for the company as well, over a year ago. This name is consistent with how the company was going to be capitalized and run, because “better” just isn’t good enough:

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Dr Mike said...

"Today just got better" .

Wow is that ever a beaut!!

How much better could it get for these clowns??

They are about to remove themselves from the public eye , so the level of accountability will be about as high as that of the Harper Government.

They have buried themselves in debt , so tax will be a thing of the fairly distant past.

The rest of the customer service ( an oxymoron if I ever heard one) department will be moving to India to keep the tech boys company eliminating thousands more Canadian jobs.

They have made Jimmy & his cohorts as happy as dogs with a new bone.

God , all is right with the world.

Time to bring back Frank & Gordon.

At least they were cute & Canadian.

Dr mike Popovich.