Monday, August 18, 2008

The Jim Flaherty equal opportunity fund raising debate

It wouldn’t look good if John McCallum out fundraised Jim Flaherty by way of John McCallum’s upcoming debate with Seymour Schulich at $1,000 a ticket on a major policy platform of the Liberals.....the Green Shift.

How many of you out there would pay $1,000 a ticket to see Flaherty debate Brent Fullard on his magna opus Tax Fairness Plan? This would be a chance for Flaherty to make good on his MP colleague’s empty promise of April 2008 in the Hill Times that:

“I don’t think Jim’s losing any sleep over it. As a matter of fact, I’m sure of it. I’m sure he’d love to go a couple of rounds with these [CAITI] guys in a debate situation.”

Come on Jim. You’re the Finance Minister of the Entire Country as you like to call yourself. How about a debate? You are sure to blow me away. Who knows, perhaps you can fulfill Terry Corcoran’s stated desire to vaporize person no less.

John McCallum’s going to make you look awfully lame in the fundraising department. You might lose your standing in the party. Attack ads need funding.

How’s about it big guy? How about about if it was underwritten for a minimum $50,000? Is that worth an hour of your precious time?


Transcanada said...

You shouldn't have any problem finding 50 willing spectators at 1G a pop watch Jim get humiliated by facts that he has made a choice to ignore.

I'm not sure Jim would be so willing to participate but every CON (I'll be very polite here) 'lady of the night' has his price and the 50G show fee is probably far more than Jim is worth or expects.

Robert Gibbs said...

Sorry, my money went to the Liberal Party Of Canada.

I can't afford to hear any more of Flaherty's and Harper's LIES.

I do hear the CONS are good at underwriting "$1 million insurance policies" though.

Robert Gibbs said...

Congratulations Harper & Flaherty: You've Sure Made Canadian Companies More Competitive With Your "Tax Trick On Income Trusts"
Some key passages of an August 19, 2008 Globe And Mail article about BFI Canada Income Fund
---Used to enjoy premium valuation
---Blocked from doing takeovers
---Units have underperformed ever since
---Cost of capital up sharply
---Valuation has slipped against peers, despite superior financial results
---Ability to create value constrained


Globe And Mail
August 19, 2008
With proven skills at turning garbage into cash, the CEO [of waste manager BFI Canada Income Fund] used to head a company that enjoyed a premium valuation. That all changed when federal Conservatives cracked down on the trust sector back in 2006

In a sector that's consolidating, BFI is effectively blocked from doing large takeovers - which means acquiring additional garbage dumps - due to the two-year-old federal tax rules on trusts.

Units that outperformed the S&P/TSX index up until the Oct. 31, 2006 introduction of new rules have underperformed ever since. The company's cost of capital is up sharply, and its valuation has slipped against peers, despite financial results that are superior to U.S. waste management companies.

However, we are now at a crossroads," Mr. Carrigan said. "Our ability to continue creating value within the trust structure is constrained."

Robert Gibbs said...

"Clam-Up The Scientists" Clement Now Lecturing Doctors About Their Ethics & Morals

Conservatives bombarding ridings in Vancouver and Toronto with more tax payer-funded mailings

Globe And Mail
August 19, 2008

MONTREAL -- Health professionals who support Vancouver's safe injection site are unethical and immoral, federal Health Minister Tony Clement suggested yesterday.

"The supervised injection site undercuts the ethic of medical practice and sets a debilitating example for all physicians and nurses, both present and future in Canada," he scolded in an address to the Canadian Medical Association general council meeting in Montreal.

His comments come as the Conservatives have bombarded urban ridings in Vancouver and Toronto with ads, sent free using MPs' mailing privileges, that depict a discarded syringe and a headline that states: "Junkies and pushers don't belong near children and families. They should be in rehab or behind bars."

Yesterday, Mr. Clement took issue specifically with a letter he received from CMA president Brian Day that stated: "There is growing evidence that harm-reduction efforts can have a positive effect on the poor health outcomes associated with drug use."

After the speech, Dr. Day said the "minister is off base in calling into question the ethics of physicians" and accused Mr. Clement of "manipulating medical ethics to make a political point."

Dr. Day noted that in a poll of Canadian physicians, 79 per cent supported harm-reduction measures, including safe injection sites.

"We have an opinion based on scientific evidence. The minister has come to a different conclusion," he said.

Carolyn Bennett, the Liberal public-health critic and a physician, was livid after the minister's speech.

"I've never seen such an offensive performance by a health minister," she said. "How dare he come to a meeting of professionals and scold them about their perceived ethical failings."

Full story here:

Robert Gibbs said...

Major Loophole In New [CON] Federal Lobbying Law Even Surprises Lobbyists

The Canadian Press
August 18, 2008

OTTAWA — The Harper government's new lobbying law contains a truck-sized loophole that allows a registered lobbyist to arrange a meeting between a corporate client and a cabinet minister that might never have to be disclosed publicly.

Opposition MPs who vetted the new rules as the government's flagship accountability act passed through Parliament in 2006 failed to notice the provision in committee hearings or House debate.

The loophole was drawn to the attention of lobbyists themselves during a workshop on the law presented by Michael Nelson, the former registrar of lobbyists, as he outlined scenarios for new monthly reporting requirements under the act.

Other aspects of the reporting rules have already been criticized for excluding too much information, but the loophole in a clause involving the reporting of arranged meetings took even lobbyists by surprise.

Full story here:

Robert Gibbs said...

"Clam-Up The Scientists" Clement now lecturing doctors about their ethics & morals?!?

Are these CON whackjobs and turgid twits totally unaware or in total denial of their own Neanderthal dogmata and hypocrisy?

Or are they just thankful for their pea-brain minds that their "intelligent designer" bestowed upon them?

Amanda Van Der Steen said...

I'm sorry - who's Brent Fullard?

Anonymous said...

Brent Fullard is the President and CEO of the Canadian Association of Income Trust Investors.


mark said...

I'm sorry .. who is jim flaherty?

Anonymous said...

Jim Falherty?

He's the one time Moron of Parliament for Whitby-Oshawa

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