Monday, August 18, 2008

Stephen Harper: The straight talk express?

Election 2006:

“You know where the Liberals stand on raiding seniors nest eggs, whether it is death taxes or taxing income trusts, a new Conservative government will never let this happen”

October 31, 2006: CBC News

"Flaherty imposes new 31.5% tax on income trusts"

November 1, 2006 in Question Period:

"The commitment of this party was not that we would have no taxes for Telus. It was not that we would have no taxes for BCE. It was not that we would have no taxes for foreign investors, or no taxes for major corporations. It was a commitment to protect the income of seniors."

April 18, 2007 Financial Post


BCE Privatization Could Cost Him $800-Million In Tax Leakage; More Tax Loss Than From BCE & Telus As Trusts!

June 6, 2008:

BCE suspends payment of dividends

July 28, 2008:

BCE's new owners permanently cutting 2,500 workers

My advice for Stephen Harper: Look both ways before crossing a busy street. You might get run over by your own Straight Talk Express. Why would anyone take you seriously in the future? Seriously?


Dr Mike said...

It`s near impossible to make "straight talk" with a "forked tongue".

Harper`s straight talk moves like a boomerang.

Problem is as it is about to return to bite him in the ass , it kicks ours first.

Thank you Steve---we will never forget.

Transcanada said...

I take Stephen Harper very seriously. I seriously want him out of office where he can do no damage to my savings.

As all Canadians have learned a CONservative promise is no promise at all.