Monday, August 11, 2008

It's time for Ralph Goodale to name names

Canadians need to hear from Ralph Goodale is less oblique terms, when Ralph writes:

“[Harper] has also eroded the tax-base”

So name names Ralph....don’t be shy....BCE, Prime West Energy, Union Waterheaters, TransAlta Power, Lakeport Brewing, Great Lakes Carbon and the 39 other income trust takeovers in the attached table (available on request at

These takeovers have eroded Canada’s tax base to the tune of $2 billion in lost tax revenue PER YEAR!

It’s time to name names and tie Harper's policies to their obvious outcomes. Taxing income trusts has benefited Manulife, Power Financial and foreign private equity, to the detriment of every tax paying Canadian and the integrity of our capital markets.

So please say it Ralph. LOUD and PROUD.

Lest people vote for these Harper CONs again.

August 11th, 2008

For Immediate Release


By Ralph Goodale, M.P.


The western Canadian economy is booming right now, thanks to world-wide inflation in prices for basic commodities like oil.

That good fortune is not the result of any government policy. It’s simply our long-awaited turn to cash-in on rising global markets.

But be cautious. The commodities boom – as enjoyable as it is, while it lasts – is masking fundamental weaknesses that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives continue to ignore, or even make worse.

Mr. Harper has recklessly increased federal spending by more than $40 billion, to try to buy voters with their own money. Prudence has been thrown to the wind.

He has also eroded the tax-base – pushing Canada to the brink of a deficit once again, while failing to provide meaningful reductions in personal income taxes.

Independent monitoring agencies, like the Conference Board of Canada, are reporting a sub-standard performance by this country in such fields as productivity growth, innovation, literacy skills and environmental integrity.

In four of the last six months, despite western resource wealth, the economy not only stalled overall, it actually shrank. Sectors like manufacturing, forestry and tourism are in particular trouble.

The Bank of Canada and all major private sector forecasters are now predicting a pathetic annual growth rate of barely one percent.

In July, 55,000 Canadian jobs were lost. The last time we saw that sort of setback was in the early 1990’s under Brian Mulroney.

Remember, the Harper Conservatives are the people who failed to tell the truth about Income Trusts or Equalization.

They are the ones who raised Personal Income Tax Rates, while claiming to cut them. They are the ones who proposed investment policies that encouraged foreign takeovers of Canadian enterprises.

Incompetence and dishonesty are their hallmarks.

That’s why Tory times are always, ultimately, tough times. And it’s happening again!

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Robert Gibbs said...

"They are the ones who raised Personal Income Tax Rates, while claiming to cut them."

It was particularly "interesting" at the time to watch Flaherty squirm with great discomfort while he lied in a Commons committee meeting as Garth Turner held up the federal tax schedules to show that the lowest personal tax rate actually exigible in 2005 was 15%, while in 2006 - after the CONS came to power - it rose to 15.25% (and actually 15.5% for the latter half of the year).

That's your "open, honest and transparent" Harper government for ya.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Right on!

..and let him name specifically WHO was pushing for trust taxation in the D of F !


Truth in Trusts said...

The numbers are right there for the Liberals to skewer the Cons. Instead of this Green Shift hocus-pocus why are they not focusing on real, documented annual tax losses? These losses show what an incompetent bunch these Liberals are regarding fiscal management.
Where is the leadership? When will the Liberals attack? When will they fight back? Hopefully after they lose the by-elections with their Shifty strategy.