Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Green Party accuses Harper of "BREATHTAKING HYPOCRISY"

New Glasgow: Leader of the Green Party Elizabeth May issued a
statement today accusing Prime Minister Stephen Harper of
"breathtaking hypocrisy."

"Mr. Harper has not shown himself to be overly bound to his own
promises, but one might imagine he would honour a law he insisted on
passing," noted Ms. May. "He broke his promises on the full range of
accountability measures, leaving his ministers' doors open to
lobbyists. He broke his promise to Income Trust investors to never
levy a tax on their retirement savings. He broke his promise to
Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia to honour contracts for
off-shore revenue sharing. And he has completely ignored laws he did
not like when passed by Opposition parties, such as the Kyoto
Implementation Act. With yesterday's comments about ignoring his own
promise enshrined in law to move to fixed election dates, Mr. Harper
has taken hypocrisy to dizzying heights."

"Mr. Harper is quoted as saying (by Canadian Press) that 'They (the
Opposition Parties) have no intention of respecting the fixed
election date.' Let's be clear. The only party whose actions are
constrained by Mr. Harper's law is his own party. The law has the
effect, which Mr. Harper crowed about at the time, of denying him, as
sitting Prime Minister, the option of bringing down his own
government before October 2009. The law contemplated that as a
Minority government, it could well fall sooner than Mr. Harper's
date. There are no constraints in the law on the action of the
Opposition. Thus, the charge that they have no intention of
respecting his law is absurd.

"For months it has been clear that Mr. Harper was chafing at the
limitations he imposed upon himself. His government has out-lasted
projections for its demise. He is running on empty -- no new ideas,
no vision, no plan -- or, rather, at least not one he could sell to
the Canadian public from a minority perch. As a Minority claiming
difficulty in pursuing an agenda, his record of devastating cuts to
key sectors, from Kyoto programmes to the arts, the savaging of
public institutions and assaults on the civil service, suggest a
rather effective exercise of minority power.

"Hoist with his own petard, he has been acting like a bully boy,
taunting the Official Opposition to bring him down. And, finally,
his true colours: He is not going to be constrained by a law he
passed intended to demonstrate his moral superiority over previous
Prime Ministers whom he lambasted for doing exactly what he now
contemplates. Bringing down his own government at a time of his choosing."

"The Green Party of Canada will welcome an election when it
comes. But in Mr. Harper's posturing about a dysfunctional
parliament, we will not allow voters to forget that it was his
combative and belligerent approach, his dictatorial style, his
300-page instruction book to Conservative MPs for how to disrupt
committee proceedings, that have led to this session of Parliament
being a shameful abuse of Canadian Parliamentary tradition." said Ms. May.


Johnathon said...

With all due respect, I understand your hatred towards Harper, seeing how people only care about money in this world.

Next, using Elizabeth May to criticize Harper is like using Homer Simpson to criticize your brain dead membership.

Dr Mike said...


An easy fix.

Go thru each point & dispute it with some proof.

While you are at it , I have had enough of the Cons hollow rhetoric which they never back-up with proof.

I was a Progressive Conservative for over 30 years & then an ardent supporter of the transition to the "New" Conservative Party.

I was devastated by the income trust tax.

I have been yapping on & on since Jan 1 2007 in an attempt to determine , with proof , why the Cons did this to us.

Johnathon , you are the man , & I will leave it up to you to respond with proof to back-up what you say.

Convince me to vote Conservative again.

As I say , an easy fix.

Dr Mike Popovich

chg said...

johnathan, from your comment, I take it that you prefer to listen to Harper's talking oil splotches than to anyone legitimately criticizing Harper's words and actions?

Perhaps it is difficult to change gears from oily to real people, so you mistake criticizing a Prime Minister's actions and hypocrisy for hatred towards Harper.

Johnathon said...

Dr Mike Popovich, with all due repspect, I don't care if you vote Conservative for the rest of your life. I assume you live in or around Toronto, so your vote dont matter anyhow.

Next, why are you so god damn greedy? Harper is supposed to do what he thinks is right for the country, not for M.D's like yourself who make 300 grand a year.

Get the drift. Harper did what he thought was right for the country.

Why else would he do it?

Let me know.

Give me some facts as to why Harper did it. Such as, if any payoffs were invloved or if there is some kind of conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Jonathon reveals his inner "moron" with the comment:

"I assume you live in or around Toronto, so your vote dont matter anyhow."

ASSUME = make an ASS of U and ME

As for "your vote dont matter anyhow"

Is that why Harper wants to shortchange Ontario for 16 seats in parliament? Ontario's "vote dont matter anyhow"?

Please advise

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember Stephen Harper's promise back when he was the new leader of the re-branded Reform-Alliance? He promised that if his party became the official opposition he would never live in Stornoway - the official residence for the leader of the opposition. And yet, as soon as the Cons became the official opposition, he moved right in.

Or, perhaps you remember when Peter MacKay was campaigning for the leadership of the former Progressive Conservative party. He swore up and down that he would never merge with the Reform party. Yet as soon as he was installed as leader, that's exactly what he did.

Then there's Jumbo Jim Flaherty. As Finance Minister of Ontario he took the province from a surplus to a deficit in one short year. With those credentials, and his ambulance-chasing resume, he managed to land the top financial post in the country. Little wonder that the national surplus has become a deficit in, you guessed it, one year. At least the guy works fast.

Liars and incompetents. That's your Conservative Party.

BTW jonathon, if anyone sounds like Homer Simpson, it's you.

Johnathon said...

Ontario shouldn't have over 100 seats. Period.

Why do you think Toronto is "liberal" now after almost a generation of being "COnservative".

Do you think that liberals changing the imports from European to muslim and asian have anything to do with it?

Could you imagine Toronto without asain or muslim immigrants.

There would be no liberal party without Toronto.

Pretty awful that Canadians can allow a corrupt party to change the dynamic of a whole country.

This country called Canada will look like Pakistan in 100 years.

The numbers prove it.

The liberals are committing genocide against the white European.

Dion wants to kill off the white man and replace it with dark men, so the liberals can control the country. That is of course until a muslim cuts off Dions head.

Dr Mike said...


Thanks for you well-thought-out proof.

I am a retired Dentist--retired in 2002 when I had a massive heart attack at 52--been in poor health since.

My wife & I had some insurance money to invest--no 300 grand per year salary--a small town practice.

This money was our hope to survive into old age with some semblance of normalcy--we needed something with a decent payout as a monthly income..

I contacted my area MP who I know well---worked on his campaign---this was in aug 2006.

He assured me the promise on income trusts was good as gold--no problems.

Two months later , it was tits up.

I have invested all of my life & it is one thing for the market to police itself, however , it is a completely different animal when the markets are interfered with by a gov`t.

It is not up to me to supply any proof although I can supply the numbers to show tax leakage did not exist.

It is up to you to substantiate the policy---it was yours & not mine.

If you do not have the proof then just say so & I will quit wasting my time.

No proof , no more answers from me.

Dr Mike.

PS---I am from small town Southwestern Ontario--not Toronto--anyway , what difference does it make--a Tory riding , is a Tory riding.

Dr Mike said...


You are a freaking racist.

If I would have know , I would not have replied.

Consider yourself gone.

You are unworthy of any reply.

May God have mercy on your soul.

Dr mike.

chg said...

"Why else would he do it?"

For the good of the country? What a joke. Why is raiding pensions and foreign takeovers good for the country? More like for the good of the multinational insurance/banking conglomerates who no doubt lobbied for this and benefitted financially.

Johnathon said...

What did I say that wan't true?

The Liberals changed the import policy on purpose, to win votes and get a stranglehold on Toronto.

Is that being rascist, just pointing out the facts?

Come on Dr, you can complain about how Harper robbed your income trusts, but I can't complain how the Liberals are destroying Canadian culture.

Bit hypocritical, don't ya think?

You care about money, I care about Canada and keeping our European heritage. Could you imagine going to any other country in the world and try to change the heritage?

But in Liberal Canada, destroying Canada into a country of 100 cultures is O.K?

Gimme a break.

Dr Mike said...


Buzz-off---you are not worthy of my time.

Your true nature exceeded my expectations.

And you wonder why I will not be voting Conservative.

Dr Mike.

Johnathon said...

Dr Miek, listen, I understand what I said isn't politically correct. With that outta the way, can you please prove what I said is rascist. I know my dentist is a very smart, educated fellow who doesn't resort to ad hominem attacks. You must be the same , seeing you're a professional.

What did I say about liberal immigration policy that isn't true?

If you can prove me worng, I'll change my opinion.

BTW DR., I would say that 99% of Conservatives are worried about what Canada is going to look like in 100 years. That's not being rascist or a bigot, but rather a genuine concern for my country's future.

What's wrong with caring about my country and it's European heritage.

penlan said...

Jonathon wrote:
"Next, why are you so god damn greedy? Harper is supposed to do what he thinks is right for the country, not for M.D's like yourself who make 300 grand a year."

Where do YOU live Johnathon? In Calgary where Dr.'s just might make that much a year?

My G.P. doesn't make anything close to that. Oh, & I live in Ontario.

And it would be nice to see you back up your criticisms with facts.

RuralSandi said...

Mr. Fullard - Jonathon is a bigoted, mouthy troll who's been deleted/filtered/banned from most should consider doing this too, otherwise, he'll just keep posting and posting with garbage.

Robert Gibbs said...

Again, I suggest the Green Party amalgamate with the Liberal Party so as to be a real 'tour de force' against this despicable virus known as Harperites.

Robert Gibbs said...


I tend to agree with Mike and Sandi.

This "Johnathon" has shown his true "colours", and is clearly a racist bigot, unworthy of being called a Canadian and posting on this fine blog.

Having said that, however, I realize that you operate this website under the great spirit of Canadian democracy, and allowing his postings provide yet another opportunity for Canadians to clearly see the disgusting and despicable traits exhibited by Conservatives and their supporters.

As this KKK hat-wearing "Johnathon" said himself, "I would say that 99% of Conservatives are worried about what Canada is going to look like."

So there you have it, a clear indication of the bigoted and racist "white supremacist" beliefs of knuckle-dragging Conservatives and their ilk.

Anonymous said...

Aug. 21,2008: Jonathan you can not even spell racist! You are an ignorant clod. If you ever put your foot in Quebec and spouted off as you do, they would laugh you out of the province. You represent the Conservative Party....rude, ignorant, mean, uncaring, unCanadian, unworldly and as stupid as a bag of hammers. I figure your IQ about 90. Speak up. You can't spell, you create a response like a 4th grader (probably like a 1st grader) and you expect intelligent people to take your ravings serious. LOL