Saturday, August 23, 2008

Harper is pro-life

It is a very wise political move on the part of Stephane Dion to elicit from Harper a clear position on where Harper stands on various issues like abortion.

But we already know the answer. Stephen Harper is pro-life. He is pro-Manulife.He is against investors' right to chose.

Stephen Harper believes in an interventionist form of government that takes away choice......and penalizes those who oppose his dogma, retroactively.

The fact that promised he would do the opposite during an election, doesn’t faze him one iota. Ditto on the fixed election date commitment

One minute he supports the right of investors to chose. The next minute he is pro Manulife. That cost Canadians a mere $35 billion, plus the inestimable cost arising from the loss of choice

Taking away choice, presupposes that the state knows best. The state is imposing restrictions on where you can invest YOUR money. Meanwhile these restrictions do not apply to pension funds.

That’s Harper’s idea of a Tax Fairness Plan:


Pro-OMERs and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

And against the right of investors to chose.


Robert Gibbs said...

Stephen Harper:

NOT worth the risk!

Robert Gibbs said...

Unable to acquire high yielding "professional results."
State-imposed "moral imperatives."
Forced into "back alleys."

Yes income trust investors, you have been "coat-hangered."