Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hi, I'm Stephen. This is my brother Jim and my other brother Jim

You probably know them for their valiant consumer activism:

Income trust Jim (allegedly cause tax leakage, and acne from too much coupon clipping)

Text messaging Jim (sorry, I was just trying to score political brownie points)

Would you like to meet the rest of my family?

Head over heels mad Max?

Nuclear safety Gary?

Land mine Helena?

Nobody buy's that argument Diane?

It was a difficult decision Jason?


Dr Mike said...

"Repeat the same old thing" Van Loon.

"I love raw meat" Baird.

"I want my mommy" Poilievre

Half brothers :

" Everybody else must be Stupid' Carney

"Does anybody have a nickle or a dime" Layton

"Am I in the right place?" Duceppe

Robert Gibbs said...

Ahhhhhh, others may be insulted that they're not in the family portrait:

-Minister of "Food For Fuel" and "Violations Against Charter Freedoms For Farmers And The CWB" Gerry Ritz Crackers.

-Minister John "Don't Bother Me About The Environment" Baird.

-Minister "Two-Tier" Tony "Clam-Up The Scientists" Clement.

And so the girls don't feel left out:

-Fembot "Roll In The Hay" Rona "AWOL" Ambrose.

-"Junta" Josee "Censorship Vernacular" Vernier.

Many others are also deserving of inclusion, but hey, they know who they are.